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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Got Me Thinking!

So now that it is almost June, my thoughts are going to July - makes sense, right? It does in my seasonal brain since July 4 falls right at the beginning of the month and my decorations for the day will come down soon after. If I am going to get any time with my 4th of July decor, it has to go up at the beginning of June.

I happened upon this image on Pinterest and downloaded and printed it. I think I will simply use it in a frame - easy - but then realized that if I want to get anything else made, I had better get going.

So of to my 4th of July Pinterest board I went and found a few ideas that I might want to do this year. They are all pretty simple and materials will be easy to find. What do you think? Do I need them all?

This one might be fun to do with the kids. They could each make one fire cracker any way they wanted so their mom wouldn't have 3 of the exact same decoration to fit into her decor.

I have a bunch of old Mason jars lying around so this could be a no brainer.

 Ever since I saw Martha Stewart do something like this I have wanted to make a flag holder - this may be the year.

This is a Pottery Barn pillow from a few years ago. It looks super simple and I can make a cover instead of a full pillow - my new favorite idea as it is so much less to store!

This guy also looks super easy. We have made snowmen in a very similar way in G.S. one year, so I thought maybe the kids would like to try this also.

So those are my thoughts so far. We have two graduations this coming week as well as a number of other obligations so I will see how far I get. Stay tuned!

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