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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bursting With Pride

We have just returned from the most wonderful of days. We were invited for a day of award ceremonies for our 2 grand daughters who are both in the IB program at Eastside H.S. They both received the highest of honors - perfect G.P.A.s for both - throughout all of their years in school. It really blows my mind because I feel so unintelligent as I sit next to them and they are talking about their homework. They are talking about things that I know I NEVER learned even in college! As a matter of fact, I am so old that I actually lived through some of the stuff that they now study as history - but no Hannah, it wasn't from the stone ages!

In any case, we sat through two assemblies and loved every minute of them - well, at least when our two were being recognized. In all seriousness, I truly believe our futures are in good hands! There are lots and lots of wonderful, caring, intelligent kids out there with their whole futures before them They have lofty goals and grandiose plans and I know we will be well taken care of!

The day started with the under classmen's assembly.

Morgan's dad missed this ceremony. He is the chief financial officer for the county and got stuck tied-up in a meeting that dragged on lasted all day.

After a few quick hours in between - just really long enough to freshen up before heading back to get seats once again - we were ready for Hannah's ceremony.

The highlight of the evening was the well kept secret announcement of the students to be inducted into the 2014 Eastside H.S. Hall of Fame. What a wonderful honor to have Hannah be one of the eight recipients. She is an incredible young woman - and I am not one bit prejudiced - inside and out. She has been involved in all four years of student government, sports and service all the while maintaining a perfect G.P.A. throughout all four years of the IB program - not to mention since her first day of kindergarten! She is incredibly selfless and does not like attention given to her. Many times she will pass all of the credit on to someone else while she has done every bit of the work herself. It was wonderful to see that the entire faculty of her school recognized her hard work and perseverance!

The "male" sector of the family was missing in all of these photos as the evening went on quite late and no one had eaten. They hustled off to get us a table at a nearby restaurant before it closed and we all went hungry. But, Papa did get in a picture or two when we got home.

As I said, there are many fabulous young people coming up in our schools today. Seems like we only hear about the bad ones. It is ceremonies like this that remind us of have many great kids there are - not just in this one school in this one city but all of the state and country. We are in good hands! Stay tuned.

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