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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finishing the 4th

In my last post, I mentioned that I would stop in my favorite shop in Micanopy on my way home from lunch with my mom in Gainesville today. Along the way, I realized that the last thing I need is one more Uncle Sam and sanity prevailed. I would just keep driving right on through. I made a quick stop at Michaels to see what was left and picked up this Uncle Sam in a car. He isn't my favorite, but I thought he might look cute on the coffee table. I also grabbed a few more serving pieces because you never know when I might invite the entire Gator marching band (or whomever) to my house for the 4th and just need all of those bowls, plates, etc.! I can't stand to see something remain on a shelf at a store once I have spied the "sale" label. In any case, I had a wonderful lunch with my mom and her "tablemates". It seems as if 2 of the ladies had some words this morning. One of them was on a day trip with the Atrium so I could sit at her spot during lunch and the other lady kept telling me how happy she was that I was there and wanting to know how she could bribe me to come back and eat every meal with them. Hopefully things will have calmed down between them by dinnertime tonight as I am now happily back in Ocala with no plans to return until next week. And to think it all transpired over one of the ladies complaining about being too cold - and taking out her teeth to clean them at the table...but that is a whole other story! O.K., so I call my husband & tell him I'm on my way home and start to drive. I swear I get about 30 seconds outside of Micanopy and the heavens open up! I truly can't see a foot past my windshield so I take it as divine intervention!!! Someone wants me to stop at "The Shop" - I'm just saying. Anyhow, you already know how this ends - as did my husband. I found one more Uncle Sam that is a bit different and while I was there chomping at the bit to ask about Halloween but thinking someone would have me committed if I did (as it was 101 degrees outside), the owner of the store volunteered to me that she knew I would go crazy when I saw the new Halloween stuff arriving daily. She ordered lots of Bethany Lowe - my favorite vintage designer. I love her stuff but she has almost priced herself out of my pocket in recent years. I do love to go to her website and see what she's doing and figure out how I could make one of my own. Can't wait. I know you're on the edge of your seats waiting. I will fill you in on Micanopy in another post as it really is a great little town and "The Shop" is awesome!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just some 4th tweaking

Just when I thought I was done, I couldn't help myself. I was cleaning off my desk when I found a banner pattern I had ordered online. Tried to put it away until next year, but there was no reasoning with myself. Since the alternatives weren't very appealing (clean house, pull weeds, cut back shrubs, clean gutters, etc.), I had at it. I really hadn't thought out how I would make the banner and didn't really want to spend all day on it - although it kind of worked out that way anyhow - so I ended up downloading the words to "The Star Spangled Banner" and printing the banner over them. That didn't do it for me, so I ended up glittering the edges and letters. Strung it together using some glitter ribbon I had. It is O.K., but I think when I take it down, I will back it with chipboard (right now it is just cardstock) and possibly add an embellishment to the point of each pendant-we'll see.In any case, I am pretty much done now - not an inch of decorative real estate that is still available. Of course, I am still planning one more stop in Micanopy just to see if there isn't one more Uncle Sam I can't live without. The problem with shopping in little boutique stores is that they don't put anything on sale near or after the holiday - at least this one doesn't. Because their store is mostly vintage seasonal & holiday items, the things not sold this year will show up next year a little more "vintage". Of course, they have the BEST stuff ever, so it is so worth the trade-off. I am now heading out to plan menus and grocery lists for my 3 upcoming events. Haven't entertained in awhile, so I am excited but "out of practice" - having trouble coming up with anything that sounds good to me and won't have me in the kitchen for 3 days preceeding the meal! I do always have the Pizza Factory on speed dial -ha-ha.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm nothing if not tenacious!

O.K. Since there aren't many of you out there that aren't family, I will push the envelope a bit more. It is obvious to me as I navigate this site that I still have MUCH to learn!

Tried to put all my pix on the last blog but got stopped at 5. I know there must be a way to override that as I have looked at many a blog with more than 5 pictures, but it is beyond me. I really have come a long way in my old age. After all, only about a year ago, I didn't even know what a blog is and here I am with my own-of course I can take no credit for that as my lovely oldest grandchild gifted me with this for Christmas-hence the goofiness of my profile-which I am not about to change because I love her so much! I know I have to get a lot more computer savvy before people out in blogland are knocking down my door but once that happens-if ever-I will actually have to stop and think about what I write before publishing and where is the fun in that?

You can see in the first picture (which I thought would be the last as it was the last one uploaded so I have already learned one new thing today) where I was last year on the 4th and where I will again be this year-jealous yet? We literally don't have to move one foot out of that yard to see the fireworks explode over the water while my daughter and son-in-law keep the food and drinks flowing. How decadent is that?! My last grandchild is missing from this picture as she wasn't born until 4 weeks later but the rest are there-such as it is. Pulling them all together for a picture when they would rather be doing something else is a bit of a "challenge" but now that I don't obsess about perfect smiles, eyes towards the camera, etc., it is a lot easier! It is what it is and we will have many stories to tell about each picture in years to come. Oh the things memories are made of! Have a wonderful4th!

Still obsessing over red, white & blue!

As you may be able to tell, I get a bit obsessive when I decorate. Everything pretty much has to fit into the theme of the season or holiday. I took pictures of pretty much everything but then realized you would either be asleep before you scanned them all or ready to do a decorating intervention. So, I chose just a few more to share just because. I am having fun with my apothecary jars although sometimes I have trouble coming up with something to fill the largest jars. I absolutely love my handprint wreath. My youngest daughter made it for me last year using my grandsons' handprints-how precious is that!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

More decorating for the 4th

Now that I have successfully added some pictures I have a few more to show you. Let's see if I can get my words in the right place. Last year I copied these ideas from somewhere out in blogland-don't remember exactly where to give credit but just know that I hardly ever have a new idea on my own. Have to see something else and then I can tweak to my heart's content!

4th of July Decorating

O.K., so I have actually had a whole week in Ocala-no travels this week-and, instead of getting all sorts of things done, I've been tweaking 4th of July decorations!!! What is wrong with me? There are lists of chores waiting and I can't pull myself away from the red, white and blue. I did manage to paint some pool furniture but there is so much left to do that I'm not counting that yet.

I do love the 4th of July even though we don't celebrate it here at my house. We head to my daughter's in Gulf Port where the fireworks are shot off over the bay and we can float in her pool and watch them explode right over the water. Is it evil to wish that her house doesn't sell just for that reason?!

In any case, my youngest daughter and her family have been here to enjoy the decorations as well as some friends of mine and other family who will see them after the holiday when they visit. Really though, I decorate for my husband and me. I love my house when it is full to the brim with holiday or seasonal goodies, lights etc.

This year I added a few pieces. I try to find things that are a bit different and keeping to the vintage feel. It gets harder every year. Don't know if stores just aren't carrying as much in this economy or if I just have TOO MUCH! In any case, I scored once again in my favorite little store in Micanopy, Florida. Not to mention that the trip there makes for a fun day!

I am attempting to post a few pictures of this year's decorations. If I succeed, I may get a bit fancier in the future.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hi everyone. I am down in St. Pete enjoying the end to the best week ever! We have been all around the state and taken in a T-ball game, 3 graduations ranging from pre-k through 8th grade and a dance recital where we saw 4 beautiful dances by 2 beautiful girls. It was a hectic but fun week and oh how many pictures we have to bore show everyone. We will be spending tomorrow in Tampa where I hope to stop in some of my favorite stores, but my husband tells me I will just be "looking" as I had a bit of a spending spree last week. I WILL be looking for any 4th of July treasures none-the-less. I'll let you know if I find anything I can't live without. Then, I am hoping to spend Tues. & Wed. decorating ! Can't wait. Maybe I can figure out how to post pix soon!