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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm nothing if not tenacious!

O.K. Since there aren't many of you out there that aren't family, I will push the envelope a bit more. It is obvious to me as I navigate this site that I still have MUCH to learn!

Tried to put all my pix on the last blog but got stopped at 5. I know there must be a way to override that as I have looked at many a blog with more than 5 pictures, but it is beyond me. I really have come a long way in my old age. After all, only about a year ago, I didn't even know what a blog is and here I am with my own-of course I can take no credit for that as my lovely oldest grandchild gifted me with this for Christmas-hence the goofiness of my profile-which I am not about to change because I love her so much! I know I have to get a lot more computer savvy before people out in blogland are knocking down my door but once that happens-if ever-I will actually have to stop and think about what I write before publishing and where is the fun in that?

You can see in the first picture (which I thought would be the last as it was the last one uploaded so I have already learned one new thing today) where I was last year on the 4th and where I will again be this year-jealous yet? We literally don't have to move one foot out of that yard to see the fireworks explode over the water while my daughter and son-in-law keep the food and drinks flowing. How decadent is that?! My last grandchild is missing from this picture as she wasn't born until 4 weeks later but the rest are there-such as it is. Pulling them all together for a picture when they would rather be doing something else is a bit of a "challenge" but now that I don't obsess about perfect smiles, eyes towards the camera, etc., it is a lot easier! It is what it is and we will have many stories to tell about each picture in years to come. Oh the things memories are made of! Have a wonderful4th!

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