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Monday, September 30, 2013

"No Bones About It"!

So on we go to the family room where I have really switched things up. I added my new skeleton to the mantle and moved what used to be there to a new place entirely. I added some glittered branches that I bought many years ago at Illuminations (I so miss that store) down in Hyde Park. My girls tell me that the urn looks wrong but my mantle is a bit narrow for the width of the skeleton and, quite frankly, he needs the urn to help him sit up. Take note of the flickering light candelabra. My oldest daughter added two of these to her mantle last year and I fell in love with them. She bought them at Target so we searched every Target we could possibly come in contact with only to find them sold out everywhere. When we found them in the store again this year, we wasted no time in snatching up two quickly-and I am actually thinking of heading back for more! I love the glow they give off after dark!!

Still can't help myself where the pictures are concerned! I have to put out all of the pictures of Halloweens past!

Also still love my Bethany Lowe witch lantern. I found her many years ago in a decor shop in Dade City. I loved that shop. It was soooo seasonal and I could always find some sort of treasure there every time I went. Unfortunately, it is no longer in business.

We had a wonderful weekend. Got to go watch these two munchkins play soccer-so much "kid energy" out on that field. And then, we got a surprise visit from daughter #2 and grand daughter #3. And, when my daughter had to head home for a football party, our grand daughter asked if she could stay and spend the rest of the weekend with us. Guess what our answer was?

We have a fashionista soccer player. Only one out there with pink soccer socks and ribbon adornment in her hair...but, it sure does make it easy to spot her in a field if aqua!

For oh so many years, I would go to Gainesville at least once a week to pick up the girls from elementary school on early dismissal days. We would eat out, spend the day together and end up at our G.S. meeting later that evening. One of our favorite spots to go was the quaint little town of Alachua. Kind of a place where time stood still. They always decorate the whole town for the seasons but they truly shine in autumn. All of the stores have a scarecrow contest and decorate to the nth!

In any case, Morgan's favorite restaurant was The Ivy House. It was in a big old Victorian and just kind of an experience more than just a meal. Sadly, it went out of business....only to reopen recently in another old Victorian right here in Ocala. So, it was no surprise when Morgs asked if we could go. Since my hubby and I head there almost every Sunday after church, we were more than ready!

It is a good thing that Morgs doesn't live here or I might have trouble fitting through doors. We never order dessert-especially after we have already had an appetizer of fried green tomatoes with the best south western aoli I have ever tasted and then our huge entrees-but, when a grand daughter asks,.......!!

This was Morgan's chocolate explosion......It is hard to see but under that homemade vanilla bean ice cream is the most decadent, fudgy brownie and then it was covered in chocolate ganache. And, that is REAL whipped cream!

And, here is my key lime pie....and yes, once again, REAL whipped cream!

I have a few fun things on the agenda for this week. Can't wait to share. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

You Asked For It...

If you are a loyal reader of this blog, you will remember that I posted about "starring" in a TV commercial not too long ago. Many of you don't live locally but have wanted to see this video. I, unfortunately, did not know how to make that possible...until today when granddaughter #3- who MUST be a technology genius- did this for me. Hope you enjoy watching my 15 seconds of  "fame" as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Friday, September 27, 2013


So happy you could join me. Enter at your own risk!

My raven picture that I made a few years ago out of a simple free raven download cut out of black card stock, mounted on orange scrapbook paper and carrying a "nevermore" banner in his mouth.

And, his counterpart simply cut from black cardstock with the poem "The Raven" written in the blank space. They hang on either side of the "raven" vignette.

O.K. I know you don't see all that many changes in the living room-especially after I touted how I was changing things up this year, but bear with me. I love my Poe and witch themes in the living room and this is where they work the best. But, the changes are coming. I promise! Stay tuned!

P.S. I love my new PB pillow with the 3 ravens-just right for my 3 "Ravns"!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Totally Bummed!

This was supposed to be the first day of my Halloween decor posts for this year. I am really excited to show you what I have done as I have gone a bit off my normal course. In keeping with my trying to pare down, I have grouped most "like things" together and shed some of the "cutesy". It is looking good.

That being said, you will not to decide that for yourself today as my port has decided to squish a few of those hair-like wire things and I can't download. We are off to a volleyball game tonight but I am going to try to get by Staples first to pick up a new port and hopefully be able to go forward tomorrow. Stay tuned!

This is the sign I made last year but it is still one of my favorite, all-time crafts so I thought I would throw it in for a tease! Hopefully I will see you tomorrow!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Just a Quick Catch-up

It is officially autumn but I have been in autumn mode for a number of weeks now. We are keeping busy with every day life while squeezing in some volleyball and babysitting and will be watching two different soccer players start their seasons very soon.

And, of course, we are into football season! This past weekend daughter #3 and her husband and two boys were of to the game and we got to have Presley with us. She is just so much fun! We started the day at the pool and then drifted in to do some necklace making. I was going through some closets that I apparently don't go through too often as I came upon several Bucket O'Beads. Now these things have been around forever-back when Hannah, Caitlin, Morgan and Liv were little and loved to make jewelry. I knew Presley would love it too but I didn't know just how much!

We literally sat for more than an hour with her just pulling out the "special" beads she wanted to use. She had a specific criteria and no amount of coaxing was going to let a bead she hadn't okayed into "the" pile. Once she had all the beads she wanted, she set to work stringing her creation. And, she was mighty proud of herself when it was done.

We then moved on to playing with Barbies. She did this in our family room as we watched the game. During halftime, we had a gourmet meal of mac and cheese (thanks Krafts), broccoli and bread and butter-with a few sweet goodies thrown in for dessert.

She is so much fun and easy peasy to watch these days. Good thing I wasn't getting paid or I would have had to offer a rebate!

Also want to show you the cute Grandparent's Day gift this gang brought us. They were all so excited coming through the door and couldn't wait for us to open our gift-and I know why! There is absolutely nothing we love better than a handmade gift and one that incorporates fingerprints-well, you can't go wrong!! We love it!!

And look how perfectly it goes with my"Eric Carle" autumn tree from Caitlin and Olivia all those many years ago! Halloween decorating has begun but I have so many appointments this week that I haven't had any full days. I am chipping away bit by bit. May be ready for a picture or two tomorrow. Stay tuned.