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Monday, December 31, 2012

It's the Little Things

I will admit to always getting a bit of the Christmas blues when I realize that it will soon be time to take down all of the beautiful seasonal decorations. Our tree is STILL taking at least a glass of water every day so I am really going to have a hard time taking it down this year. Once the ground is full of needles, I am usually more than ready but that hasn't happened yet.

As I was looking around yesterday, I realized how many little vignettes made me feel all warm and cozy. I also realized that they seemed to fall into several categories; the first being glitter and sparkle. I love walking through the house and having my eye caught by a beautiful sparkle when I least expect it. And, it is usually the little things that catch my eye.

I also love having a touch of decoration in every room of the house. In our guest rooms, I include old Santa photos of our girls or even of my husband and me when we were kids. It is fun for everyone to see and makes the girls feel right at home when they are once again staying in their old bedrooms. As I showed you in my room, fresh pine went everywhere this year. The guest bath also gets a fair douse of the holiday. When you get to the "dormitory" (the room that houses the bunk beds and trundle and where the kids sleep when they are all here) you will see the Barbie tree. I bought that tree back when grand daughter #1 first became enamored with Barbie and it has remained ever since. The girls love it and it is "tradition".

Have you ever noticed how many companies make our lives easier these days by putting pretty Christmas labels on their products? No need to hide these things in other containers-just let them shine on their own!

And lastly, I guess I would say I just love the traditional. I love a Christmas full of red, green and natural elements. Now don't get me wrong. I can ohhh and ahhh with the best of them over rooms beautifully decorated for Christmas in non-traditional colors. But, at the end of the day, they are not what I want surrounding me 24 hours a day. For me, the old standards are what "wrap" me in warmth and coziness. I guess all of the following would fit in this category-even the little mouse potholder hook that Jennie made me so many years ago!

I love how the Santa figure looks so much like the one I cross stitched so many years ago!

I love the glitter of the cheese spreaders as they rest in a Christmas platter that was a wedding gift 47 years ago! It really is the gift that keeps on giving as every year when I unpack our decorations, I find this platter and think kindly of the people who gave it to us. And, it kind of started another tradition in our family. If we are invited to a wedding or to see a new baby anywhere around the Christmas season, our gift to them is usually something with the "Christmas theme". I love to give Waterford "First Christmas Together" or "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments with the hope that those receiving them will think just as kindly of us for many years to come.

This Santa picture is a page I tore out of some magazine many, many years ago. I had it matted and framed and it remains one of my favorites.

I filled these tubes with epsom salts and it really does glisten like snow when the light hits it a certain way.

Here is the gift I made this year using odd pieces of silver we found in my mom's silver chest. I simply flattened the bowls of the spoons, added the tinsel glitter, vintage Santa and a few embellishments and strung. I have mine hanging along with a star ornament my cousin made us using buttons from my grand mother's (my mom's mom) box. Thought it was only right that they hang together.

So there are just some of the things that I am smiling over today. Tonight is New Year's Eve. My hubby and I always stay pretty close to home today. This year once again we are dog sitting. And, one of our grand dogs is terribly afraid of loud noises-makes 4th of July and New Years fun. But, she takes a pill or two and she calms down fairly well. I am pretty sure she will be sitting on my lap as we watch yet another Christmas movie tonight with all of the lights and candles aglow and a large fire in the fireplace-just how I love it. Life doesn't get any better and it really is "the little things"!

Tomorrow a new year begins and oh the possibilities! Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Hard to Believe"...

...that Christmas 2012 is really now just a memory! As I think I have posted, we spent Christmas eve and morning at daughter #2's home and then back to our youngest daughter's house for the afternoon and then on to our house for presents and dinner. All together we were 17 people and amongst seeing what Santa brought, playing games, getting food ready, playing Santa and making sure everyone was enjoying themselves, the day was pretty hectic once it got rolling. I guess that is my excuse for why I didn't get very many good pictures at all. Since I am the one who sits by the tree and hands out the gifts, I am not in the best position to take pictures once the paper starts flying. And, to be honest, I am having too much fun watching everyone open their presents that the camera is the last thing on my mind. But, I do have a few to share so come along and join the chaos that is our large, loud, loving family!

Doesn't it look like it is snowing in this picture? Nope, that is just the reindeer food filling the air with glitter.

I know it doesn't look like it, but this really was an organized game of bocce ball.

Got this picture of our tree filled with the gifts we were giving but you should have seen it once everyone else added their gifts to the pile! Sorry I missed that picture!!

Harrison really isn't sad-just the way I caught his face at the moment I guess.

Presley unwrapping her gift that was bigger than she is.

Even though there is no pictorial proof, my son-in-law Rich and I really were there that evening-as well as a really beautifully set table-but I guess you will just have to take my word for that!

And here is our Christmas miracle-just kidding but it was the only thing that happened that night that got the house so quiet you could hear a pin drop-for a minute or so at least. I had one of these angel chimes as a little girl and I remember loving it. Don't know what happened to it but many years ago I bought this one so my girls could experience its magic. It has been in our family for all those years and now has become a favorite of our grand children. It is always the centerpiece on the round table in the sunroom for Christmas dinner and that is usually where all of the "little ones" end up. The first request is always for me to light it and then the room becomes completely quiet as first the angels begin to spin and then, if you are very quiet, the tinkling of the bells begins. I am always as surprised as the kids when then beautiful sound begins. And, if only for a moment, there truly is peace on earth! Hope you all had a family-filled holiday this year too. After all, when it is all over, all you are really left with are the memories you have made one more year!

I am enjoying catching up on so much this week. And, I am beginning to get some projects planned for the new year. Stay tuned.