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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Where's Waldo"?

Or something like that. That is the kind of game we play every year after seeing the most current rendition of the Nutcracker. Each year the troupe prides themselves in the adding and tweaking to make the production better and better. As we enjoy our looonnng dinner at a window booth at Harry's waiting for all of the lights on the square to burst bright, we talk about the changes we caught and how they affected the show. Each year we are truly amazed at the beautiful spectacle-especially the snow scene-being put on in a relatively small town in a realtively small arena. This year I had the audacity to suggest that maybe next year we would want to try a production in another city and compare. Boy did I get the dagger eyes! You see, THIS is the tradition!!! Wonder where they get that?

In any case, we had a wonderful time with our four oldest grand children - young ladies - this year as always. They have grown into the most fabulous human beings  - they always were but, wow, now they're all grown up. We had the absolute best time and I don't think there are 4 other people in the world I would rather spend an evening with!. We talked about so many memories and then we got brought up to snuff on all of their new goings on. So happy that they feel that they can share with their old Nana and Papa without judgement-but I didn't say without opinions-unconditional love.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our weekend. I have a few more errands today and then I hope I will be home to wrap, bake, write out cards and take a breath! Also hope to finish up the house tour-if the remaining rooms are ever clean enough to photograph that is!

What a wonderful, silly, nostalgic, loving day we had. And then we ended up here. Everyone all snuggled up watching a Christmas movie. Does life get any better? Stay tuned.

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