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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Winddown

I really can't believe that Christmas is already a memory for 2012! Truly don't know where the time goes. Oh, I had such good intentions this year but somehow I ended up further behind than I have ever been. But, as always, we made it through and it was a wonderful, chaotic, noisy, thought-filled, loving few days. Every thing was perfect-maybe not always to the eye or the taste buds but always to the heart.

We were at daughter #2's house for Christmas eve and Christmas morning. Then we headed home and all converged on daughter #3's house for appetizers and a rousing bocce ball tournament. Then we were all back at our house for the big gift exchange and dinner. Dinner ended up being much later than even I had estimated and even though I had a lot of the meal prepped, there are always some things that can't go together until the very end-one of those being my corn casserole. It is a very simple recipe, but apparently I was spending too much time answering questions on how prople could help and not enough on that simple recipe. I got it in the oven quickly and 45 minutes later, it was still liquid. I just thought it was because I had doubled it, so I put a few more minutes on the timer and even though it was really bubbling, it wasn't "setting". I then switched it to the upper oven and cranked up the heat and still nothing! It wasn't until I noticed the 2 boxes of Jiffy cornbread muffin mix still unopened on the counter that I realized I had failed to include them. Everything else was ready so we started putting things out. One of my girls suggested that I sprinkle the mix on now and stir it in. Certainly couldn't make it any worse, so I gave it a try and low and behold, it came together rather quickly! There is ALWAYS a story with me. Some day I will tell you about the mint sugar scrub I made for everyone but that will be another post.

Have a few more rooms to take you through before I share Christmas pictures. At least all of this decor is still up-and will be until Jan. 3rd or 4th or maybe even the 5th! Come on along.

 This is my collection of cross stitched Santas. Each year a new pattern would be available and I couldn't wait to get it stitched, matted and framed. Since I no longer cross stitch, I don't know if they still put out a new pattern every year or not. I haven't even put these Santas out for many years but this year I decided to do so. Didn't really have anywhere else to hang them, so the sunroom it was. The little kids actually commented about them and loved having them in "THEIR" ROOM.

How does a Christmas cactus know it is Christmas and time to bloom. My mom got this as a gift at her nursing home last year. After the holiday I brought it home and faithfully watered it. I looked at it about a week before Christmas and it was bare and I felt like maybe I had done something wrong in its care. Imagine my surprise when I found all of these blooms on Christmas eve. It is now blooming so beautifully-just like Christmas magic! 

I always like a little Christmas in every room of the house and since we bought such a large tree this year and had so much extra greenery, every bedroom got bouquets of pine. I also tied some on my bed posts-the smell is fabulous!

Aren't Christmas lights magical? We have white icicle lights down the entire length of our home and across the fence a bit. We also have lit orbs in the gazebo this year and a tree and  wreath on the front porch. All of that is beautiful but my the favorites are what my grandson calls the "magic melting icicles". If he is here at our house when the timers turn on all of the others, he gets to throw the switch on the melting icicles. I must admit, I too am mesmerized by them. I will stand at the window at night and almost go into a trance watching the light run down these beauties. I love them! One more bit of Christmas magic! I love everything about Christmas-don't even want to think about all of it having to come down. Hope I can come up with something wonderful to take its place-stay tuned. 

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