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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Look Who Came to Town!

O.K. So this was finally supposed to be the post where I showed you the decorations in our family room. But, as you can see, I digress. I am having too much fun this year. I have been out and about a lot and this jolly old fellow "spoke" to be on one occasion. I have learned too often what happens when I don't listen and since he was the last of his kind, I bought him even though the price was a bit more than I wanted. It was one of those things where I knew he would be on a bigger sale very soon but would he still be here? "He" won out and came home with me and I think he looks fabulous in the living room!

Here is my attempt at a Christmas tree veggie and cheese tray for a party my hubby and I went to. It's hard to see but since I needed it to be big, I covered a large piece of foam core board with aluminum foil and then I edged it with pine garland. I bought 4 small red bowls, filled them with dips and nestled them in the free spaces to serve. I tried some new dip recipes-2 were low fat for people watching their diets and 2 were full of fat for people like me who are simply watching everything I can stuff into my mouth. And, guess which ones were better? Of course, it doesn't hurt that these were recipes from Ina Garten. One was a sun dried tomato dip (red in color) and the other was a fresh herb (green). Both were delicious and you can find them on my Appetizer and Dip Pinboard.

Then, the next day, I was invited to join daughter # 3 and grand daughter #5 at the Nutcracker Tea. All 3 of my girls danced from the time they were 3 until they went to high school at Jeanne Benson Dance Academy. Jeanne went on to found the Marion Ballet and for about 30 years, they have put on the Nutcracker during the holiday season. First we went with our girls and then we started taking our grand daughters. For a city as small as ours is, the performance is really quite spectacular and every year a few changes are made making it better and better.

They are now doing this tea on the first Saturday of their performances. It is a wonderful way to introduce young children who may not be able to sit through the whole performance to the world of ballet and the story of the Nutcracker. Many of the performers were there, the story was told, refreshments were served, the Sugar Plum Fairy did her solo number and there were many photo ops. It was a wonderful morning followed by lunch at one of our favorite little boutique restaurants. The weather was wonderful so we ate on the porch and watched all of the seasonal bustling going on just a few feet away. And, we had wonderful food followed by the most delicious fresh coconut cake-a must-have for me no matter what we are celebrating!

So, you see. I have been enjoying the many festivities that accompany the holiday. I haven't finished shopping, done any crafts, wrapped the first gift, baked the first cookie or written the first card but all of that will come in time. This has been a difficult year and I am truly taking time to stop and smell the roses-or poinsettias in this case.


Did want you to see that I finally got not only all of the lights working on the tree again but every ornament we own has found a home on this beauty this year. Don't look too closely to this picture as there isn't one present under that tree not to mention that there isn't even a tree skirt. That will all come in due time-for now I am heading to a Christmas Open House for friends I taught with many years ago. Looking forward to catching up and once again savoring the moments. There will be more to come. Stay tuned.

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