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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Identity Crisis... identity that is! As I was out looking for some of the things I still need for the kids' Valentines weekend with Nana and Papa, I stumbled upon some rainbow and St. Pat's things that JUST had to be snatched up. I always buy anything "rainbow" when I see it because if I don't, you can bet it won't be there when I need it and go back to find it! I am ALWAYS shopping themes and colors...doesn't really matter to me what time of the year it is. If it is orange and black and I see it in January, you can bet it will be in my cart. Of course then the challenge is to remember where I put it so I have it when the time really rolls around-lol!

Do you see the St. Pat's stuff starting to sneak in? I can't help myself! The white mug is another craft I added to the list for Valentine's weekend due to "popular demand". When Presley was here this weekend, I was showing her some of the ideas for crafts I had and, being the "crafty" kid that she is, she asked if we could make mugs. The funny thing is that I had actually pulled a "pin" about a Valentine's mug and just hadn't gone to see if I could find the supplies. I hit the $ Tree yesterday and had no trouble finding the perfect all white ceramic mug. Of course, I am now having trouble finding the pens for painting on ceramics. Fingers crossed that Michaels will have them!

These pins are my inspiration. They're all simple and the kids can do whichever ones they like best!

In any case, the ideas and supplies are starting to pile up. Getting excited. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Back Already!

I didn't think I would be back this fast and my post today is just short and sweet...just like our grand daughter-short and sweet-because this post is about her!

Yesterday her dad and brothers were going to be tied up all day at football and her mom was headed to Orlando to look for a new car so Presley came to spend the day with Nana and Papa. Since I really didn't know this would happen until the last minute, I wasn't prepared like I usually am. But, after all my years of teaching, scouts, Sunday School and just being a mom and crafter, there is never a project really far away. And, this little one loves her arts and crafts!

And so with a house full of red lights and candles, we went for Valentine's Day! My girls and I always made homemade cards for everyone and I have done the same thing with our four oldest grand daughters. There are lots of supplies left from all of that not to mention everything from my scrapbooking days so Presley had no lack of choices. We just got everything out and went to town. We had a lovely afternoon crafting before heading into the Barbie Valentine party and finally a movie.


And then this morning, as often happens with me, one thing leads to another and I am off making some cards of my own for this year.

They were really quite easy-which was a MUST for this year-but, with the glittered card stock, I think they turned out very pretty. Now to find the time to write a quick note and get them in the mail!

Still more Valentine's Day to come. Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Like the Goose...

...that laid the golden egg...or something. Just when my red tulips had seen better days and I was getting sad, my doorbell rang...and, voila, some beautiful new tulips appeared in their place! I love finally having one of our daughters living so close that she and her family can pop in unexpected any time-and even better when they are bearing lovely gifts-lol.

So I guess while I am here, I will finish off our Valentine's tour.

I always love it when I buy something at the end of the season on a really good close-out sale and then forget that I bought it. That was the case with this door mat. I had a heart shaped mat that I liked but it was definitely showing its age and beginning to rip. I think I found this mat at Target last year well after Valentine's Day and it was marked down so far that I couldn't not buy it! I just stuck it up on the door mat shelf in the garage and, what a lovely surprise for me when I unearthed it this year!

Unless I come up with some brilliant ideas in the next few weeks, that is it for Valentine's decor 2017. But, that doesn't mean we are done with the holiday-the celebrating is just beginning. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Back in my Happy Place!

I have a bit more Valentine decor to show you, but I have managed to find some time recently to do some things that I love doing but really just haven't had the time to do of late. I have been busy planning the kids' Valentine weekend and my craft gifts to family. I must admit that as much as I love Valentine's Day and all of the vintage images, I am almost always at a loss for new ideas that I want to try.

One reason for that could be that I am just so old, I have done almost all of it before-and, for whatever reason, I don't like to duplicate things! I have been walking in circles this year but, when I saw this cute little image, I knew I wanted to do it. I found the image for sale on a site called "Dear Lillie" but since I actually used to do a lot of scherenschnitte-and sell it at a local craft boutique-I thought it would be fun to get my scissor cutting skills limbered up again. I must admit that the designs I used to do were much more detailed and I used a craft knife to do the cutting. This time I thought I could get away with a pair of small scissors. I did OK with my shaky hands but each little girl looks a bit different and some look down right grumpy. I never realized how just the tilt of an eyebrow could change a pretty little face into a scowl but the more I tried to shave the profiles, the worse they got so I cried In any case, it is something new and at least I have them done in case "life" takes another turn!

I traced the image from the site and blew it up until I got the size I wanted. Then, all I did was flip it over and trace and cut.

I had the perfect rose colored damask paper but only enough for three. I found a similar one in a lighter shade of rose and I think it will actually fit better in a few of my recipient's homes.

I wanted an old looking frame and found the perfect ones at HL yesterday!

Here are two of my old ones that I still use.

And, while I had some time, I actually got in a big grocery shopping and some time to cook "real" food. I watch a lot of cooking shows and have been so happy to see the upsurge in popularity of the cauliflower. I love cauliflower. I can eat it raw like an apple-and, I often do. So when I spied the bag of cauliflower "rice" on a produce shelf in Publix, I snatched it up. I wanted to try cauliflower fired rice and what to my eyes should appear but a recipe right on the back of the bag! I didn't get any fancy pictures of this stuff because everything was getting done at the same time but I will say, if you love fried rice like I do but want a healthier version, you have to try this stuff. I couldn't stop eating it...good thing the whole bag of cauliflower was only 20 calories!

More Valentines to come. Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

You Gotta Have "Heart"

It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I am fighting with myself not to head out and start some weeding. But, I know me and once I start something, I am not going to want to stop and there really aren't that many hours left of daylight and there is still dinner to make and some laundry to do. And so, the next best thing is to sit at my computer and show you the dining room and sun room decked out in their Valentine's best.

This is the hutch on the "fireplace" in the dining room. I sometimes have trouble decorating it because the shelves are narrow and not everything I want to display will fit on them. But, for some reason, I found a happy accident. I put up the tin marquee heart and then had the two silver picture frames in my hand with no where to put them so I stuck them here and then went and pulled out an old silver tray. And, voila, I love it. I am even happier that I actually prefer the silver tarnished-definitely a win-win situation!

And did I mention that I am a happy camper? I finally found some red tulips! As I have been saying, not many changes over all and a bit of editing but I still feel Valentine's Day all around! Just a bit more to show you. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Home Again, Home Again!

We are home from another few days of travel...not to mention the worl's busiest week. I have a few moments to breathe, so I thought maybe we should head to the family room.

I'm still using the palette sign I made as well as the glittered heart, X & O and doilies that my mom made me so many years ago. I love glitter at any time of years but I especially love it for Valentine's Day!

This is the simplest wreath ever. I have made many of them over the years but this one was made with our G.S. troop. We simply bent a coat hanger into a heart shaped and used a double hitch (I think) to tie on pieces of ripped, red cotton until it was full and fluffy. I found the wooden hearts on a really good sale a few years back st HL and used them to embellish it. I think when we made them in scouts, we added a pretty white ribbon with glittered hearts dangling from the tails.


The familyroom is also pretty much the same as last year. I wish I could come up with some brilliant new ideas but so far that's just not happening!

Yesterday was a wonderfully, super busy day for us. Before we headed to Gainesville for the night and a birthday celebration for my sister-in-law, we started the day bright and early at the first of two award ceremonies. It makes for a long morning, but we're not complaining. We are super proud of these two honor roll award winners-and of their brother as well but now that he is in middle school, no ceremonies for him! lol

So that's it for today. I am going out to enjoy some of this beautiful "spring" weather we are having. It will probably lull me into doing trimming I shouldn't be doing because winter is far from over I think. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Color of the Month

We have a SUPER busy week. Somehow things always seem to fall in clumps but, I am not complaining. Three of our engagements will be award ceremonies and an IB Pinning proud of the grands!

In any case, I have just a few minutes right now, so let's head into the kitchen.

Every time I see this vignette, I am surprised by how much the rose arrangement matches the one in the picture.

I still love this jar I made last year and I am hoping it will be filled with some fresh tulips by the end of the day.

That's it for the kitchen this year. I really didn't change too much...maybe even a bit of editing. More to go...stay tuned.