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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Like the Goose...

...that laid the golden egg...or something. Just when my red tulips had seen better days and I was getting sad, my doorbell rang...and, voila, some beautiful new tulips appeared in their place! I love finally having one of our daughters living so close that she and her family can pop in unexpected any time-and even better when they are bearing lovely gifts-lol.

So I guess while I am here, I will finish off our Valentine's tour.

I always love it when I buy something at the end of the season on a really good close-out sale and then forget that I bought it. That was the case with this door mat. I had a heart shaped mat that I liked but it was definitely showing its age and beginning to rip. I think I found this mat at Target last year well after Valentine's Day and it was marked down so far that I couldn't not buy it! I just stuck it up on the door mat shelf in the garage and, what a lovely surprise for me when I unearthed it this year!

Unless I come up with some brilliant ideas in the next few weeks, that is it for Valentine's decor 2017. But, that doesn't mean we are done with the holiday-the celebrating is just beginning. Stay tuned.

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