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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Identity Crisis... identity that is! As I was out looking for some of the things I still need for the kids' Valentines weekend with Nana and Papa, I stumbled upon some rainbow and St. Pat's things that JUST had to be snatched up. I always buy anything "rainbow" when I see it because if I don't, you can bet it won't be there when I need it and go back to find it! I am ALWAYS shopping themes and colors...doesn't really matter to me what time of the year it is. If it is orange and black and I see it in January, you can bet it will be in my cart. Of course then the challenge is to remember where I put it so I have it when the time really rolls around-lol!

Do you see the St. Pat's stuff starting to sneak in? I can't help myself! The white mug is another craft I added to the list for Valentine's weekend due to "popular demand". When Presley was here this weekend, I was showing her some of the ideas for crafts I had and, being the "crafty" kid that she is, she asked if we could make mugs. The funny thing is that I had actually pulled a "pin" about a Valentine's mug and just hadn't gone to see if I could find the supplies. I hit the $ Tree yesterday and had no trouble finding the perfect all white ceramic mug. Of course, I am now having trouble finding the pens for painting on ceramics. Fingers crossed that Michaels will have them!

These pins are my inspiration. They're all simple and the kids can do whichever ones they like best!

In any case, the ideas and supplies are starting to pile up. Getting excited. Stay tuned.

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