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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pictureless Post...


The only things I have remembered to take pictures of recently are my tulips. I love this time of the year where these beautiful flowers are readily available almost everywhere you go! I am a bit of a purist when it comes to Valentine colors for tulips but since I have had tulips here ever since I decorated, I have gone through about every shade of red and pink I can find. The last ones are dark pink with the lighter edges and they are beautiful!

In any case, we have been on the go. Lots of visits with family, a birthday celebration, football games-yes, you read that right-football again and invitations for dinners. I love it when people cook for us-and we have definitely had our share of that recently-but I love it when I can cook for others as well.

Mt brother and sister-in-law came down on a cool Sunday recently. They brought a loaf of fresh bread and warm peach cobbler for dessert and I made a big old pot of homemade lentil and barley vegetable soup. It turned out to be just what we needed before my brother and I ventured out behind our fence line to cut down a bunch of trees that were beginning to once again drape over our property line.

Before you think you may have to come visit me in jail for trespass, I must tell you that we have permission from the property owners to keep these incredibly fast growing things cut back so they don't drop their ridiculously huge leaves into our pool and yard.

My husband and sister-in-law came back with chairs to sit and watch and said we were so entertaining they could sell tickets.

It was another one of those "TOWANDA" days-I love it so much. Of course we each looked like we had been in fights with a gaggle of cats by the time we were done as the Virginia creeper vines were going strong back there but not enough of a deterrent to decrease my giddiness-not so sure my brother felt exactly the same but he was a good sport.

We are finally settled in back home for a bit and are getting ready for our Valentine weekend. Once again I am laying things out on the dining room table in preparation but I will admit that I have been so busy of late that I have not got a schedule, full menu or any samples done just yet. Guess I know what I will be doing today!

So here is what I have for now...the props from last year-may or may not use them again...we shall see, a few things for Minute-to-Win-It games, the start of the kids goodie bags and the M & Ms and recipe for some chocolate shortbread cookies. The kids will be here at different times this year because of football so we will be getting a bit of a later start. Usually we do lots of baking but this year we may only have time for this one cookie-we'll see how they react to not making their traditional "pink" chocolate chip cookies!

I love the way the two samples for these mugs turned out. On one, they color inside of the stencil and on the other, they "dot" outside of the shape. And then of course, there are a lot of variations on these themes so it will be fun to see what they come up with!

I'm really not too sure about this one. I always look for decor they can make as gifts that isn't too "cutesy". In all honesty, it will have a much better chance of surviving "the cut" by moms if it fits in with the other decor of their homes. I saw this canvas on Pinterest in a number of different forms. Most of them used a LOT more letters, but these letters were not inexpensive and I really didn't want to have to buy a bag of letters for each canvas so we are "downsizing". I am not happy with the sample and already think I may distress the edges of the letters in some way to get in a bit of color. I know everybody loves white and gray these days but, after all, it IS Valentine's Day. We shall see. Stay tuned.

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