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Monday, February 20, 2017

Green With Envy

Somewhere in the midst of everything that is my life right now, I have found some time to take down Valentine's Day and get the St. Patrick's Day decor up. Now I did say "take down" not put away. My MO these many years has been to take whatever is coming down and begin moving it closer to the place where it will be stored for the next 12 months-be that the garage, family room closet or one of the guest room closets. That is a move I can do quickly and will get the ball rolling. If I don't do it that way, I may never take one holiday down and move on to the next because I fall in love with whatever may be up at the moment.

This set-up has worked for me-until now. For some reason, I am REALLY slow about now getting everything red back to their storage containers. The sun room is FULL of red, the first guest room looks like a war between pillows and artificial flowers and the other two are not far behind. At least the family room is a bit more organized but the large Rubbermaid containers are still out waiting to see what overflow they may need from the other rooms.

And so it goes. I am just moving so much slower these days and things that used to drive me crazy-hence, motivate me to action-no longer do and I can overlook so much more than I ever could.

I had lovely plans for this week but the we got an unexpected invitation for a wonderful dinner on Valentine's Day, an unexpected visit from daughter # 2 and four football games on Saturday. I am not complaining. I love all of these things and they certainly keep our lives interesting...I am just justifying why my St. Pat's decor hasn't been more forth-coming. lol It is hard to take pictures of green with so much red in the backgrounds.

In any case, I have the living room ready to show you. I DO love green. To me, it is such a calming color and the fact that it accompanies one of my favorite holidays can't hurt. Come on along for the start of the tour.

Here it is once again-the little flower pot leprechaun hat arrangement that the girls and I made oh so many years ago...and, that has just by chance become the NUMBER 1 hit on my blog. I think I've told you before but someone re-posted this on her site for children's crafts made from terra cotta pots and because she gave a link to my site, the number of hits it got-and still gets-is incredible. This time of year my stats go especially hay-wire!

I LOVE that old baluster so much. Daughter #1 gave it to me last year and if I can find a place to decorate with it, I will. Since it is green, it fits into most of my decor all year long.

I especially love it topped off with the vintage image daughter #2 gave me...I'm a lucky girl to have such generous daughters!

And now that I have this started, it is time to begin making plans for another Nana and Papa holiday weekend with the kids. It is coming fast-stay tuned!

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