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Monday, February 27, 2017


By now, if you are a follower of this blog, you probably know that autumn is by far my favorite season. But, this "spring" is not far behind-maybe because it really isn't spring. It is still winter but the weather around here for the last two weeks has been almost picture perfect!

We are having chilly nights so sleeping is comfortable and then 70s during the day. The skies are the most incredible blue and the clouds the most brilliant white.

So, to say that we had a fabulous weekend would still be an understatement...everything just fell into "perfect place". This was the weekend that we usually head down to the farm to pick strawberries. This year the boys weren't with us as they were camping with their dad and some BFFs from their Lakeland days. Hubby, daughter #3, Presley, her friend and I all headed out Saturday morning. The drive down is wonderful as we use back roads and go past so many beautiful horse farms and lakes.
As soon as we arrived, we started picking.

Yes, hubby is holding our box of strawberries. It was just so bright that I couldn't even see the screen on my phone...guess I'm lucky he even has a head!

No idea what she was doing...I didn't see this until I was editing. But, as I get older, I take what I get and am happy for it!

Of course, after we were done picking we just had to sample a few of the delicious goodies from the cafe-even though we were then heading off to lunch-life is short, eat dessert first! Lol  We tried the fresh strawberry shortcake and the strawberry ice cream sundae-my vote always goes for the shortcake!

They have several play areas for the kids but this one under this gorgeous tree is always our favorite. After the girls wore themselves out, we were on to Eustis and our favorite Mexican restaurant...and, lucky us, we got one of our favorite outdoor tables-who would want to be inside on a day like this?!

As we arrived in Eustis, it was pretty obvious that we had come on the same day as a huge outdoor festival. Again, we were lucky enough to find a bench right by the stage so we could enjoy the live music while we watched the girls on the playground with the beautiful water right in front! We really had to pull ourselves away to head home after a lovely afternoon!

The next day dawned just as beautiful and I began my "birthday week"-although I must admit this just might be one birthday that I would just as soon forget-although it doesn't sound like my family is going to let me do that!

My brother and sister-in-law arrived with this beautiful bouquet. I adore spring flowers! That may be my only regret about living where we do-we are just a bit too far south to grow these beauties. But, most flower markets now have them available right about the time for my birthday-I am a lucky girl!!

They also brought a wonderful meal and, of course, we had strawberry shortcake for dessert. And then, my brother and I tackled the last of the "forest" behind our house! I think we truly have enough cut back now that we will have NO vines or big, ugly leaves invading our yard for months to come.
And then, I got to make my wish list for all of the things I would like accomplished next weekend when everyone arrives to help me celebrate my next milestone. I am not much of a party girl and I really don't like being the center of attention. So, when they began inquiring what kind of a gift or celebration I might like, my answer was, and always will be, willing, helping hands. It is a win-win for all...I hope. I am actually getting excited about seeing everyone and all of the projects we may get'll be the first to see. Stay tuned.

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