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Friday, February 10, 2017

Can We Talk?

Well, can we "converse"? With candy hearts that is.

When I was trying to come up with some more things that the kids could do without a lot of help, I remembered how much they enjoyed making this candy a few years back. I am pretty sure Presley doesn't even remember doing it because she was so young, the only "conversation" she could put on her hearts was "scribble"...and she enjoyed eating the rolling pin! lol

I found this recipe many, many years ago on makemontly.blogspot. It is actually kind of fun to do albeit a little bit messy at the beginning. The only part I wish I could do differently is have the kids in on the making of the "dough" but, unfortunately, it is one of those recipes where the initial process has to be done in advance-or, it would need to be done on one of those weekends where we have nothing but time and the "waiting" in between would be fine...this isn't one of those weekends.

And so, I gathered up the ingredients and got the dough done and ready for little hands tomorrow.

Tomorrow the kids will need to sprinkle powdered sugar on a cutting board, roll out the candy dough and cut out lots and lots of hearts. Then, the hearts will need to air dry at least over night before they can be filled with lots of lovely thoughts! It's kind of fun and even if they end up way too sweet for anyone to eat, the memories are in the process!

And, of course, while I was out and about I found the St. Pat's stuff popping up. Gotta get it when you see it-after all, it is only a few weeks away...more fun to come. And, I saw those lovely diamond studded glasses and just knew Presley would fall for those-especially for her photo ops. So much fun to come and pictures to share soon. Stay tuned.

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