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Thursday, February 9, 2017

For Those of You...

...sitting on the edge of your seats from yesterday's post...was there EVER any doubt? I just wasn't thrilled with the way the canvas looked all in white. In some light, you could read what it said but in others it just looked blanked. I tried dry brushing the edges of the letters in red and I like it better but it goes without saying thart this isn't one of my favorite projects. And, that being said, I'm not sure the little kids will even be able to do this technique. It takes a VERY light hand, very little paint and LOTS of patience. I wish I could distress the letters before putting them on the canvasd but they are just those foam, stick-on things and not easy to deal with.

I'm still thinking but I might at least be on the right trail! Stay tuned.

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