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Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Die is Cast!

So this is what I HAVE to do to get myself moving on taking down the decor for one holiday and moving on to another. No matter how much I might love the next holiday and its decorations, the ones that are up have become comforting and familiar and I always have trouble getting the ball rolling.

This time though I have the added incentive of heading out of town for a full week and knowing that if I don't get the show on the road, I will come home in the second week of December still looking at Thanksgiving.

And so, being the totally "mature" person that I am, I have devised a system that works for me. When I least expect it, I walk through a room and start grabbing stuff and walking it out to the table in the sun room - which is on the way to the garage. Once I have cleared a few areas, I am O.K. and the process can begin. A lot of times I will just grab one convenient "statement" piece and put it in place to help me get in the spirit...this is the one that helped me get moving this time!

Once I had the "big guy" looking over my shoulder, I was good to go!

My next step is to head to my fabulous storage shelves in my garage and begin by bringing in anything in the color scheme of the holiday and putting it on the dining room table. These are usually the larger pieces and I now have my jumping off point and the area I will keep returning to to "shop" for my vignettes. And, remember, all that glitters is not gold - sometimes it is red, green and silver!

The next step is usually to take down all of the Rubbermaid containers in the garage for the holiday and remind myself what I have. These are usually the smaller decor things or ceramics and kitchen and dining things.

Then, I hit all three guest rooms where pillows, faux flowers, wall art and odds and ends are shoved under beds stored.

Lastly, I hit the storage areas in the family room and pull those Rubbermaids (yes, I should have bought stock in this company years ago) where I keep all of the seasonal frames with photos, handmade decor or anything else that I want in climate control.

Now these are not hard and fast rules but it seems that this is usually my MO and it works for me.

So, this is where I started yesterday and still have so much more to do but at least I am on my way. They always say that the longest journey begins with a single step....if I step quickly I just might have most of it done before we leave. You'll be the first to see it - stay tuned.

Monday, November 24, 2014

All Shiny and Bright

Hello Beautiful! Isn't she purty? I really was not in the market for a new microwave until last Friday evening. I was using mine to heat up some soup when I heard a funny little pop. It sounded odd but kept on working, so I didn't think anything was wrong until I pulled out the cup and it was as cold as when I put it in. I tried it on every other setting possible until I finally had to admit that it had died.

Since microwaves are one of the less expensive kitchen appliances, we didn't even think about getting it repaired. This one had done its job well and it was time to move on.

I headed off to Lowes and found the "sister" to our relatively new frig so I knew they would match...and, that is really all I looked at as far as "features". I do not bake, cook turkeys or even defrost in these things. I reheat coffee, leftovers and microwave meals and that is about it! I don't need the bells and whistles although this new one has its fair share.

I really didn't think we used it all that much until we didn't have one. Can't tell you how many times I reached for it. The new one is now safe and sound in her new home....and I see dinner on the horizon. Can't tell you how much I have been craving a "Healthy Choice"!!

Thanksgiving plans in the works. Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Making a list...

...and then making another! I am fond of list making. It is about the only way these days that I can remember what I need to do. Of course, then, I need to remember where I put the list or to even look at the list...but that can be another post entirely!!

With that thought in mind and with my last post ending with me lamenting how I love to make crafts for Christmas, I decided that today might be a good day to get thinking about that. So off I went to Pinterest to see some of the things I thought I might like to try.

Let's start with the wooden signs that I pinned. You know how much I love these things and I don't think I have made any for Christmas yet. Thinking of one of these:

This is actually my favorite of the signs but I am not sure I will have enough time to do all of that lettering his year. I know I could cut the words from adhesive paper on my Cricut, but (the words my girls just hate hearing me say) "I am a purist". I want my signs to look old and weathered and only paint will allow me to sand and "age" the sign. Kind of thinking one word in BIG letters will fill the bill this year. We shall see.

And then, you also know my fondness for pillows...especially if they are PB knock-offs.

The instructions for this one are SUPER easy. They call for a pre-made pillow cover. I may prefer to make my own in a different shape but time would be the judge on that one. The rest of it is super simple - just hand written with a fabric marker. I kind of like the simplicity of it.

I like this one as well but guess it would have to go somewhere that no one actually sits as I don't think that jingle bell in the back would be too comfy! Both of these ideas come from the 'Confessions of a Plate Addict' blog. I have made a number of her pillows in the past.

And, I always love to make an ornament or two. I usually tie them on packages so the recipient gets an extra little gift as well. Not to mention the fact that I just plain love handmade ornaments on my tree. To me, ornaments are like a Christmas scrapbook as I hang them on the tree and remember the year it was made and given as well as the person who made it for me.

So that's where my thoughts are going currently. Think I will pour another cup of coffee and sit down and mull my options. I am pretty sure I have some other things I should be doing instead but I can't find the list - haha. Stay tuned.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Wow! Life has been hectic around here lately but I think things are beginning to calm down and lists have begun to be made for our next holiday - Christmas - so, it seems like a good time to finally finish up on Thanksgiving.

Pumpkins and mums still hanging on from Halloween, so why not?

There are a few things scattered around the sun room, but this pretty much wraps up Thanksgiving. We have finally begun to finalize our plans for "turkey day". Looks like we will be celebrating here in town and daughter #3 and her hubby will be hosting. The weather looks like it will be perfect, so we are planning lots of outdoor family fun as well as lots of eating! Can't wait. Then, the plan is to get our tree before we head out of town for a full week. When I return, I will be hyper-ventilating as I scurry to get the house decorated, tree up, cookies baked, gifts bought and wrapped, etc. Some things never change no matter how early I think I am starting. Always like to fit in a craft or two but, since I haven't even decided what to do this year, not sure actually getting something done is in the cards for 2014 - there's always next year! We shall see. Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Not a Turkey in Sight....

....unless you count the fake ones! This may be our dining room, but very little dining actually takes place in here during November. This is the one month of the year that, for us, most get-togethers take place other places. We used to host almost every family gathering but now that all of the "kids" have grown up and have homes of their own, we have been more than willing to share. Of course, that doesn't mean that I don't still want to decorate for the holiday. But, in keeping with the "theme", I kept it simple this year!

Still having trouble decorating the hutch on this fireplace because the shelves are so narrow. Many of the things I would like to put here are just too large so I find myself having to "dig deeper" so to speak - and pull out things I haven't used in awhile - such as some of my pewter collection. I am actually happy to be using it again because I have always liked the soft, warm feel that pewter seems to give off - and it kind of says 'autumn' to me.

The sideboard is decorated with just the colors of Thanksgiving but using my favorite olive jars and urns. Somehow these jars always remind me of dining in a beautiful Mediterranean countryside.

I had high hopes of what I was going to do with my new wooden tray but things have been crazy hectic around here of late and I am truly just happy that I got it this far!

Still loving my new PB pillow cover with its water colored pumpkins and also like the way the picture on the wall gives the feel of a Thanksgiving feast - if you like feasting on pears and apples that is.

As I said, things have been a bit crazy around here of late. Hubby and I got a chance to run by school for the K-2nd grade awards assembly yesterday between three other meetings we had scheduled. So proud of these two and their achievements!

Still have a bit more to show you but I might be MIA for a little bit. We are getting new computers here at the house and they are due at any time. Our computer guy tells me I have quite a lot that he will have to transfer so I am thinking that translates as "you may be offline for awhile". We shall see but I will be back whenever I can. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The "Heart" of the Home

O.K. So maybe you won't find me in the this room very often, but it IS still considered the heart of the home. And, when you do find me here, it is more than likely I am looking for something to eat not cook....but, I do love to set a pretty table and I do love kitchen tchotchkes.

Since we no longer do Thanksgiving at my house, I am not really any longer on the quest for any more dinnerware but, when I spied this set in an antique store, I knew I had to have it. It is not a complete set but very old and I thought I could set a pretty autumnal table with it. Most of the coffee cups were missing but I have a large set of brown, hand thrown mugs that I can use with it and it makes a very good match.

I love these turkey plates. There was something about the turkey in the middle with the border of flowers that caught my eye. I found them at HomeGoods a few years back. They only had three but I have seen them on other blogs so I think they are still out there. Some day I will find some more even if I don't really need them!

Always love taking out my OLD pilgrims and turkey candles. I bought them the first year we were married at Woolworth because my mom had always had a set and it just said "Thanksgiving" to me. I love them as much - actually maybe more - today than I did the day I bought them.

I found this "Gratitude" download on I love the colors of the print but mostly the sentiment. It was a simple 'print and frame' project - doesn't get much easier!

And here, once again is my Publix Pilgrim platter that goes so well with my pumpkin tureen. I noticed that Publix has brought back the pilgrim salt and pepper shakers this year after being MIA for a few years, but, so far, no platters, spoon rests or mugs. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they bring back the rest soon as my mugs are getting pretty chipped up and some new ones are in order.

This has always been a favorite hymn of mine to sing in church around this time of year and I can even remember singing it often with our school chorus.When I found the cross stitch pattern, I couldn't get it sewn fast enough and it has been hanging in our home every year since. And, I think at least once a year, someone is privileged enough forced to listen to me sing it!

Love the little pilgrims I painted oh so many years ago. Hard to believe that my eyesight was EVER good enough to paint - let alone see -  those eyes on the pilgrims. And, I love the pilgrim hat flower pot that my daughter and family made for me. Every year I seem to fill it with something else. This year the lucky winner was a few extra autumn leaves.

Doesn't this guy just put a smile on your face? My (almost) 7 year old grandson made him and left him at our house to help autumn along!

Heading off to dinner and a movie...back with more soon. Stay tuned.

Monday, November 10, 2014

A "Banner" Room

Let's head into the family room next. Let me show you my mantle this year. I had once again planned to keep it very simple but I wasn't sure where I was going to go with it. Then, I found a special surprise waiting for me in my mailbox one day and the die was cast!

My cousin made this beautiful banner for us. It is made of burlap and felt and sewn together so perfectly. I have looked quickly at printed burlap in passing at the fabric stores, but after seeing the two beautiful patterns she used here, I have all sorts of ideas swirling in my head! And, the word "harvest" gave me the nudge I needed to decide what would go on the mantle.

Usually I put all of my faux veggies in the long wood box on my dining room table, but this year I knew they would be just perfect here!

Spied these gorgeous orange spray roses at the grocery store this week and kind of decorated the coffee table around them. Guess that means I will have to keep a supply of fresh flowers here throughout the month...oh well...sigh.

I threw these silly turkeys in to show you a craft the girls and I did many years ago for family, teachers, G.S. leaders, etc. We made them out of fun foam and Sculpy clay. There is a tiny clothespin glued on the back and they were given with Thanksgiving greeting in "their beaks" (like the one right above) but then were meant to be used as picture holders. Some clothespins were pointed down and others were pointed up. They are really silly but I still love them because they were made by my grand daughters.

So, that is the family room...simple but still giving the feeling of autumn with the glow of the PB pumpkin lights and the fall scented candles all lit.... and that beautiful banner reminding us of the season of harvest! Time to count our blessings!!  More to come. Stay tuned.