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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"Let the Games Begin"!!

So once all of the obligatory witch pictures were taken, we moved on to watching the kick off of the Gator game, let TiVo take over from there and headed out to the back yard for some real fun and games. The kids like the traditional things but we decided to throw in a few change ups as well.

We started with a game called "slurpin' worms" and got the little kids attention right away. What fun this was! Each child got 2 paper plates. We put gummy worms and body parts on one. Then, we covered the plates with whipped cream. When the signal came, they were to plunge their heads into the cream and pick up one gummy at a time, swish it in their mouths until it was clear of cream and deposit it on the second plate. First one finished is the winner.

Next we were on to another new game. We called it "mummy finger head". You line up teams of two across from each other. One side starts with a shower cap on their head and the other side has a can of shaving cream. On the signal, the shaving cream side runs up and squirts cream all over their partner's cap, runs back and grabs a bowl of mummy fingers (Cheetos) and begins to throw at partner in hopes of embedding as many fingers as possible until time is called. Count the fingers, clean off hat and switch sides. To find the winner, add up the fingers from both rounds. So fun and nowhere near as messy as the whipped cream - but also nowhere near as tasty! The dogs were in no hurry to help with this clean-up.

Another favorite is doughnuts on string. Having a pergola is helpful for this as the strings fit just perfectly - haha!

Hattie is always close by when we have any kind of food involved.

By now, it was getting a little chilly and we were chomping at the bit to get back to the game for awhile. I had lots of small craft things around for anyone not interested in watching the game - as it turned out we were all pretty much glued to it!! We let TiVo take over again at halftime and everyone went and changed into their costumes for the big reveal. Stay tuned,

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