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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Big Reveal!

So we are down to the most anticipated part of the evening....other than the end of the Florida-Georgia game....with everyone scurrying off to change into their costumes.

Hubby and I always try to be someone the little kids will "get". So, with that limitation and my recent eye surgery, simple was the order of the day this year.I decided I would be Sam I Am and hubby would be Green Eggs & Ham. I made myself a simple felt dress - very pillow case style. I did cut the neck and arm holes with a bit of an arc. I also made a tie-on collar with long triangles to resemble feathers - which you really can't see in this pic - and cut the bottom edge uneven as well. For hubby's costume, I bought a large, flat piece of corrugated cardboard and cut it into the largest circle I could fit. Then, I covered it in red felt, cut out some white felt to resemble fried eggs and added a bit of a stuffed green yolk. The ham was simply a large piece of green felt that I cut freehand and sewed into a rounded cone shape and then cut a circle for the end and stitched into place. Then, I "stuck a fork in it and I was done". The fun - and easy - thing about Dr. Seuss is that he is so whimsical that just about anything goes.

My sister-in-law was an English teacher, so she warned us before they got dressed that they were going to be idioms or plays-on-words. We guessed her Queen Bee right away and soon after we knew that Pre was a "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". But, my brother's took a bit longer even though we recognized the "Guy Fieri" logo on his crown very quickly. Turns out he was  a "Prince of a Guy".

Becky came as a "Spelling Bee' and Todd was a "Cereal Killer".

This picture takes us way back. That is my husband, our 3 girls and my brother many, many Halloweens ago. I made the Sylvester and Tweety Bird costumes and thought they were the cutest things ever. Too bad the girls didn't agree. They were so upset that they couldn't go to Woolworths like all of their friends and get a boxed costume with a plastic mask. We also thought Kris' rainbow mime was a fabulous idea and hubby had to go to a costume shop down in Orlando to find that wig. She was equally UNIMPRESSED! My husband always wore that mask when he answered the door to spook the kids...oh, those were the days - good times - haha!

So, when Jennie got felled with the flu and still did not have a costume for herself and Elton and Kristin was in the thick of buying a new house and all that entails so she also was running behind this year, a brainstorm hit both of us at the same time. How about dig in my costume bins and go as.... wait for it....

"The Ghosts of Ravn Halloweens Past"? Don't know why I held onto those head pieces - the body suits are long gone - or that wig, but I can tell you they were a lot happier with me this year than they were all those years ago and thanking me big time for all of my efforts. See, if you live long enough your kids WILL see how much you always did for them...and quite possibly thank you as well!

Last year the four oldest girls decided to take over their own costumes so that we would all be surprised at their reveals as well. I will admit that I needed a bit of help on theirs. I am so old that I thought they were a Rubik's Cube. Seems that they are the video game Tetris. They had so much fun fitting together in different ways - which, I understand, is the object of the game. I love that they still care enough to do this and have so much fun in the process.

Oh yes, notice our little pumpkin is "Elsa-less". Would not put that costume on tonight for anything!

By the time we got around to the Nana and Papa and kids picture, the little ones were already undressed and, well, you know...

The whole, crazy gang - and two of the dogs to boot.

We all ate some dinner, Harrison passed out the favors the little kids had made, we had a bit of silly fun and... by one we made our way out to the fire pit (which was so diligently stoked all day long by my two sons-in-law) for ghost and pumpkin s'mores and many talks of our favortite parts of the day...and Halloweens past.

And, alas, Halloween MONTH 2014 is now a thing of the past as well. So many fun times, so many smiles and hugs and so many memories to be talked about for all the years to come!

Most of my Thanksgiving decor is up. A bit of tweaking to be done and a TON of Halloween still to be boxed and shelved. I will be back soon to share. Stay tuned.

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