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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The "Heart" of the Home

O.K. So maybe you won't find me in the this room very often, but it IS still considered the heart of the home. And, when you do find me here, it is more than likely I am looking for something to eat not cook....but, I do love to set a pretty table and I do love kitchen tchotchkes.

Since we no longer do Thanksgiving at my house, I am not really any longer on the quest for any more dinnerware but, when I spied this set in an antique store, I knew I had to have it. It is not a complete set but very old and I thought I could set a pretty autumnal table with it. Most of the coffee cups were missing but I have a large set of brown, hand thrown mugs that I can use with it and it makes a very good match.

I love these turkey plates. There was something about the turkey in the middle with the border of flowers that caught my eye. I found them at HomeGoods a few years back. They only had three but I have seen them on other blogs so I think they are still out there. Some day I will find some more even if I don't really need them!

Always love taking out my OLD pilgrims and turkey candles. I bought them the first year we were married at Woolworth because my mom had always had a set and it just said "Thanksgiving" to me. I love them as much - actually maybe more - today than I did the day I bought them.

I found this "Gratitude" download on I love the colors of the print but mostly the sentiment. It was a simple 'print and frame' project - doesn't get much easier!

And here, once again is my Publix Pilgrim platter that goes so well with my pumpkin tureen. I noticed that Publix has brought back the pilgrim salt and pepper shakers this year after being MIA for a few years, but, so far, no platters, spoon rests or mugs. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they bring back the rest soon as my mugs are getting pretty chipped up and some new ones are in order.

This has always been a favorite hymn of mine to sing in church around this time of year and I can even remember singing it often with our school chorus.When I found the cross stitch pattern, I couldn't get it sewn fast enough and it has been hanging in our home every year since. And, I think at least once a year, someone is privileged enough forced to listen to me sing it!

Love the little pilgrims I painted oh so many years ago. Hard to believe that my eyesight was EVER good enough to paint - let alone see -  those eyes on the pilgrims. And, I love the pilgrim hat flower pot that my daughter and family made for me. Every year I seem to fill it with something else. This year the lucky winner was a few extra autumn leaves.

Doesn't this guy just put a smile on your face? My (almost) 7 year old grandson made him and left him at our house to help autumn along!

Heading off to dinner and a movie...back with more soon. Stay tuned.

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