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Monday, November 24, 2014

All Shiny and Bright

Hello Beautiful! Isn't she purty? I really was not in the market for a new microwave until last Friday evening. I was using mine to heat up some soup when I heard a funny little pop. It sounded odd but kept on working, so I didn't think anything was wrong until I pulled out the cup and it was as cold as when I put it in. I tried it on every other setting possible until I finally had to admit that it had died.

Since microwaves are one of the less expensive kitchen appliances, we didn't even think about getting it repaired. This one had done its job well and it was time to move on.

I headed off to Lowes and found the "sister" to our relatively new frig so I knew they would match...and, that is really all I looked at as far as "features". I do not bake, cook turkeys or even defrost in these things. I reheat coffee, leftovers and microwave meals and that is about it! I don't need the bells and whistles although this new one has its fair share.

I really didn't think we used it all that much until we didn't have one. Can't tell you how many times I reached for it. The new one is now safe and sound in her new home....and I see dinner on the horizon. Can't tell you how much I have been craving a "Healthy Choice"!!

Thanksgiving plans in the works. Stay tuned.

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