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Monday, November 10, 2014

A "Banner" Room

Let's head into the family room next. Let me show you my mantle this year. I had once again planned to keep it very simple but I wasn't sure where I was going to go with it. Then, I found a special surprise waiting for me in my mailbox one day and the die was cast!

My cousin made this beautiful banner for us. It is made of burlap and felt and sewn together so perfectly. I have looked quickly at printed burlap in passing at the fabric stores, but after seeing the two beautiful patterns she used here, I have all sorts of ideas swirling in my head! And, the word "harvest" gave me the nudge I needed to decide what would go on the mantle.

Usually I put all of my faux veggies in the long wood box on my dining room table, but this year I knew they would be just perfect here!

Spied these gorgeous orange spray roses at the grocery store this week and kind of decorated the coffee table around them. Guess that means I will have to keep a supply of fresh flowers here throughout the month...oh well...sigh.

I threw these silly turkeys in to show you a craft the girls and I did many years ago for family, teachers, G.S. leaders, etc. We made them out of fun foam and Sculpy clay. There is a tiny clothespin glued on the back and they were given with Thanksgiving greeting in "their beaks" (like the one right above) but then were meant to be used as picture holders. Some clothespins were pointed down and others were pointed up. They are really silly but I still love them because they were made by my grand daughters.

So, that is the family room...simple but still giving the feeling of autumn with the glow of the PB pumpkin lights and the fall scented candles all lit.... and that beautiful banner reminding us of the season of harvest! Time to count our blessings!!  More to come. Stay tuned.

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