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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Is It Almost Over?

Have I told you I am not a fan of summer? Anywhere...but especially in Florida! I must say though that even though this year has been super hot, it has also been super RAINY...more than usual. And so, on the plus side, everything is super green and lush! My Gerberas-that are usually droopy beyond belief this time of year- are full and plentiful. Of course, on the other side, so are the weeds...

In any case, we have had a very busy week and are heading out of town on Friday so I thought I would get this last post done. I think all that is left is the sun room and guest bath.

I always wanted a sun room so when we finally decided to enclose the screen porch and add windows and heat/AC, I was a very happy camper. I only wish the room wasn't so long and narrow. It makes it really hard to decorate. My husband's office and the door to the garage are at the far end. There is also a treadmill, my desk and a chest that stores games and DVDs down there. I wanted a place for another TV and I must say, this space gets lots of use. It is the perfect place for the kids to watch TV or movies when the living room is full of ladies and the men have the family room TV tuned to sports.

The other end of the room houses the table that we love so much. We use it almost every day either to eat on or play a game. I love that the bird feeders are right outside these windows and there is always a show going on for us! I also have my magazine reading chair down at that end...again a favorite because of the view. And, a quick pat on the back for me. I held out for slate on the floor and it is perfect. This is the room from which visiting dogs go in and out and lots of muddy feet from the pool or the side play area come in. The slate is so easy to car for that I literally just "swab" it down.

The guest bath just has a small nod to the sun flower theme. I put the small arrangement in there but just wasn't happy with it-it just didn't have the presence I wanted. Then, on a trip out to the garage looking for something else, I saw one of my favorite candle holders that I wasn't using and thought maybe it could help. Of course, it has a pointed spoke to hold the candles and the pot on the arrangement is ceramic with NO hole on the bottom...but, with my trusty Dremel and a very small drill bit, I was able to get just the hole I needed without cracking the pot. And now, it fills the space a bit better and I am happy. And, you know what they say,"if momma is happy,...."

So that is it for late summer. Believe me, I can't wait until I can begin my next decorating theme...AUTUMN. Out will come the pumpkins and leaves and I will begin to breathe again.

In the meantime, I am still looking to fall in love with a Halloween craft project. I had a few ideas but none have really grabbed me so I am still looking. I love to get my Halloween crafting done during the summer so I have time to "smell the pumpkins" when October rolls around. We shall see. Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Almost Done!

So on we go to the family room. Not much inspiration here-just a chance to use all of my "crockery" in all of the colors that I love. I must say that when we sit down at night to watch some TV, I miss having any lighting along the mantle. It is just something I have gotten used to and there are truly very few decor themes where I don't have something hanging there. It gives the room a warm and cozy feel. Most of the candles are on timers and the others I light but, it just isn't the same. If I had hustled, I might have been able to find some summer string lights on clearance but now that everyone has back-to-school already on their shelves, I may have missed my chance this year!

Just looking at this makes me long for that firebox to be full of a flaming fire! Can't wait!!

The more that I look at these pictures and realize just how UNinspired this room is, the more I want to run out and find some lights. There may be a treasure hunt in my very near future! Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Inspiration Strikes...

If you read my last post, you will remember me saying how much of my house comes from Pottery Barn-especially this time of the year! I devour each new catalog as it comes and could almost literally move into those pages!! I have so much of their stuff-or reasonable, less expensive facsimiles from HL, Pier 1, etc. that I can very often recreate a vignette from those pages that I simply fall in love with. And, that was the case, just this morning, in our dining room. I was ready to do this post but thought I would have one more cup of coffee as I looked at their most recent catalog to arrive. When I flipped a page and saw a room very like my dining room with a tabletop dressing that spoke to me, I headed into several other rooms in the house to "collect" pieces and changed the centerpiece on the spot! I love it when that happens and it justifies me keeping all of the stuff that I have-kind of.  I was a big fan of Christopher Lowell when he had a decorating show on TV and he was a big advocate of everyone having a "merchandising collection". He called it something else but it translates to me as "lots of stuff at your disposal so can pull and tweak whenever the inspiration strikes". I love to be able to go to those wonderful shelving areas (in my garage- that my SIL built for me) all color or theme coded and find something similar enough to what I am looking for that I don't have to make any new purchases. And, usually for me, one thing leads to another so we will see where today's little adventure leads!

In any case, here is the most current-always subject to change-dining room dressed for late summer.

I'm not a big fan of the grapes just laying on the shelf but I put them there to remind me that the arrangement from which they fell is MIA. I can see it as plain as day and vaguely remember something about it-and a few other things I used in my spring decor-being put somewhere special so I could find it easily-yeah, right!! I have looked everywhere I would normally store it so I am letting it go and I will stumble on it soon-I hope! 


So that is where we are right now. Oh yes, I did find another inspiration in the PB catalog. There is a bedroom design that speaks to me and is very similar to our bedroom right now-except for the wall color. I haven't painted that room in a long time so it may be needed. But, the room is a very soft peach and that has really never been a big favorite of mine so I am going to "sit" on it a bit and see how I feel about it in a week or so. I have already checked all of my seasonal bedding and I think it will go with that and it will definitely go with my patterned carpeting and, I think it will pick up one of the tones in the new bathroom flooring that adjoins the room...hmmmm, maybe I have just answered my question. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Obsessions

As I was downloading all of these photos, it became clear to me that the late summer decor is all about Pottery Barn, Southern Living at Home and, of course, sunflowers. It appears that I am a bit obsessed with all of them.This is one of the times of the year that red, orange, green and gold all come out to play together...and that means most of my urns, pitchers, pots, etc. can join the well as the other various and sundry Mediterranean influenced decor pieces. With no other real holiday decorations in the mix, the house kind of comes off as a display area for olive jars, oil urns, etc. It makes me feel like I am at a villa in Tuscany-lol!

In any case, here is this year's kitchen.

I still love using the little flower pot that the three youngest grand kids made me one year with their fingerprints in the middle of the flowers...and, of course, it is filled with my PB garden veggies.

Since the colors of the decor run in the citrus arena, and it is very Mediterranean, I like to bring out all of my lemons, limes and oranges now too.

Almost everything on this piece is from Southern Living at Home with the exception of the lamp and the plate and pitcher. Can you tell that daughter #1 used to be a dealer?

So that's it for the kitchen. I am spending any of my free time still perusing for this year's Halloween craft ideas. I am chomping at the bit to get out and buy some supplies and get going but somehow nothing has truly spoken-at least not quite loudly enough-so I continue to look. We shall see. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Let the Sun Shine!!

Well, let the "sun" flowers shine that is!

For some reason or other, the rains really were to my advantage the other day. They were coming down fast and furious and we decided that it would be the perfect day to stay home. That translated to me as the perfect day to take down the 4th of July decor and get ready for the dog days of summer!!! Anyone who knows me knows that this is my LEAST favorite time of the year-apologies to all of my teacher friends who keep telling me I am wishing away their summer break-but, so be it! I didn't like it even back when I was teaching and wished it away even then.

That being said, you all also know how much I ADORE autumn. So, my choice of sunflowers for my summer decor holds a bit of a two-sided definition. To me, they are SUNflowers, so that is all it takes to work into my summer theme. And, since they also hold that "autumn" feel to them, I begin to decompress and start to breathe again.

And so, let me welcome you to the first of my late summer rooms-warning!!!! Sunflower overload ahead!!

This basket on the front door usually is full of sunflowers. But, being as obsessed as I seem to be this year, I needed those somewhere else so I found these summer colored poppies in one of my boxes. I wasn't happy that they didn't really portray the "theme" of the house so I added the little summer tie on that had the sunflowers already.

I think I have posted before about these tie-ons. When my mom was living in an independent living facility, the doors to each of the apartments were all the same. It was fun to see how everyone decorated them to make their little sanctuary stand out. Since Mom didn't want to bother with any more storage, I hung a plain grape vine wreath for her and once every month, I tied on a new seasonal accent. I have them all now and can always seem to find just the right place that needs a little boost. Since the sunflowers were there and the theme was summer, it added just what I was looking for-and, at no additional effort or expense!

I am showing you this picture just because I want to mention that large basket under the chest. That was an impulse buy at Tuesday Morning. It was marked way down and even though my girls kept telling me NOT to buy it-and, I really had no idea where it would go-I don't know how I ever lived without it!! It now contains all of my spring faux florals as well as many spring accent pieces. And, the chest is full of all of my green candles. Now when I go to put out spring, it is all-well, almost all-in one spot! Once again the scale is empty. I might think of something to put in there but right now I keep drawing a blank!

The colors on this chest are why I love my summer decor! They remind me that autumn is coming!! I so love those copper and rust tones!

I still love this arrangement I bought at Julie's oh so many years ago but, back then, it didn't have the sunflowers. I added them a few years ago so they would fit my theme for this time of year. I can simply pull them out and still use this arrangement many other times of the year.

When looking at the coffee table, I realize how long I have had most of those items. I guess when I buy things that really speak to me, I don't mind using them over and over and I am not in as big a hurry as I might be to replace them. 

It's funny how these two pictures of the same room at the same time make it look like two different colors!

And, as I am so wont to do this time of year, I was looking at some Halloween items coming to me via e-mail and, of course, something caught my eye. I had wanted this metal picture from Pier 1 last year but didn't want to spend what they were asking. I thought I would wait for a sale and then life got in the way and I didn't think of it again. How nice of them to send me a message showing some of this year's offerings. What a surprise to see it still listed as well as on sale with an additional % off for the 4th of July. Yep, that's how I roll-buying Halloween decorations literally on the 4th of July-doesn't everyone? It came yesterday and I love it as much as I knew I would because it has my favorite-the raven-and, I'm a pretty big fan of the chandelier too. Sometimes a little "present to myself" is all I need to keep me going. I'll be back with more soon. Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

How Does This Keep Happening?

Every time I think I have hit one of those "I am almost caught up" kind of moments, reality rolls in like a big wave and knocks me off of my feet.

I am a HUGE list maker. I have to have a list! It is about the only way I can semi-settle my brain as I have so much to remember these days! I am so bad that if I end up doing something not on my list, I will add it just so I can cross it off. I know, I know-that issue is probably for a whole other post!

And so, after a super busy week with a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions, I went to put pen to paper for the plan for the next few days. We have been out of town and things always get ahead of me when that happens. And so, I begin by looking around and realizing that it is July 8 and my house is still decked out in red, white and blue. So, #1 on the list, begin taking it down. But, that is a huge project and we have to head to daughter #3's house in a bit to water plants while they're out of town and then to the vet to pick up their dog who is just recovering from a spaying surgery. And then later today, the weary travelers will return from their week long trip and two grand daughters will be here at our house until heading home to St. Pete. Probably not a good idea to even start that project today.

So, back to what I think will be my very meager list...until I look around. I now have more mulch to spread and the entire front hedge area needs to be weeded and raked after I mutilated trimmed the bushes! I am about 5 laundry loads behind, bills to pay, new license plate to be put on car, etc., etc., etc.

O.K. So I will start on one of those....until somewhere my weary brain slides over to Halloween. And, before I know it, I am on Pinterest looking at some ideas I pinned last season. I know that sounds strange but as I was trying to remember what I put out in my house after the 4th comes down, I realized I usually do my Halloween craft gifts now so I can savor the holiday when it actually gets closer.

And so, without doing any extra searching, I came upon these ideas and I'm thinking one of them just might "be the one" for this year!

I always love vintage things and this one could be done in so many ways...definitely a contender.

Image from

I haven't gone on to read the directions for this one yet but a pillow wrap sounds like a fabulous idea. Much easier to store than a true pillow and much easier to make than a pillow cover! Hmmmm.

 Image from

I'm still always drawn to Mason jars and these are easy for the recipient to add to their Halloween decor not matter how much or how little they may do. And, perhaps I could do both the pillow wrap and the jar vase and have a bit of a polka dot theme going!

Image from

Image from Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer

This is my least favorite idea so far but you never know!

Image from bloglovin'.com

And so you now might have a slightly better glimpse into how my mind (or lack of it) is working these days. One step forward and two back-but on a good day it will be two steps forward and one back. And so, I continue having more good days than bad and moving forward. The next time we visit, I am hoping I have some late summer decor to show you. I ALWAYS love it when the sunflowers come out because that means the pumpkins and autumn leaves are not far behind! Note to self: while perusing last year's July posts, it is obvious that I need to get thinking about our back-to-school party which will be here before we blink. And so it goes!! Stay tuned.