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Monday, December 11, 2017

Best Laid Plans!

When we last talked, I was preparing to head out early this morning to tackle some of the things on my long, long list of to-dos. And now, here I am, all dressed up with no where to go. I was all ready and anxiously hopped in my car to head out early when...that horrible sound happened. The car's dash board started flashing with all sorts of signals but the sound and the one light that truly registered was "dead battery"!

And then I remembered. As I left for the concerts on Thursday evening, my garage door opener light flickered and died. I made a note to change it. When I got home that evening, not only was it dark and raining but I couldn't even see enough to hit the door opener button in my car. I turned on the dome light, opened the door, got out my phone flashlight...and, I'm sure you can deduce the rest of the story. I never thought about the dome light again.

And now, four days later, the car is dead-in the garage-and my plans of getting an early start have gone by the wayside. My son-in-law is running over at lunchtime and hopefully we can push the car out of the garage and give it a jump...and, hopefully that is all it really is. Glad I'm learning to be flexible in my old age.

I do have a long list of to-dos around the house but that would necessitate changing so the next best thing was heading back here to the computer and we shall soon see where this day really leads.

In any case, let's hit the dining room.

I bought this centerpiece at a florist shop in Mt. Dora many years ago. My husband and I frequently went down there to celebrate our anniversary on Dec. 27 and I always loved finding beautiful things that were 50% off. The florist always had the most beautiful arrangements but over the years, this one just didn't look as big as the things I was looking for these days. But, when I raised it up on my beautiful wood riser and then put that in the large tin tray, it had more of an impact for me and I love it all over again! 

Still loving the Christmas doily that my mom crocheted!

Both of the stars in the niche were gifts from my cousin. The one at the top is made from buttons found in our Nana's button box and the one over the manger is felted.

Still need to replace that philodendron with a poinsettia-it was on my list for today. I think that corner needs a pop of color!

I didn't really do much in the sunroom this year-just enough to make it festive.

So, that takes us a bit further but still a few more rooms to see. Daughter #3 just invited me to accompany her to the Mall at Millenia in Orlando next week so I am not in as much of a panic if I don't make it out today. If I can't find the things I'm looking for there, I won't be able to find them anywhere. And, I think lunch at the Cheesecake Factory or one of their other fabulous restaurants has been offered so I am super excited. Stay tuned.

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