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Sunday, December 10, 2017

On to the Kitchen!

While we're on a roll, let's move on to the kitchen.

We'll start with the baker's rack which is pretty much as it was last year-I use these dishes and glasses every day so I love how easily accessed they are!

I think I have told you before that my mom wasn't much of an "antiquer". But, she knew how much I treasured things from the past. At one time in my life, my husband, brother and sister-in-law were faithful customers at a big antique auction every month in High Springs as well as frequent customers of most the the antique store owners we were bidding against. It always made me feel good when I was bidding on something to have them bidding against me because then I felt the value of what I wanted was probably just what I thought. And, the best part was that they almost always had to stop bidding before I did because they needed to be able to mark it up for a profit if it was going in one of their shops. And, more than once, one of them would come over to us after we had won a bid and tell us what a good deal we got and to talk to them first if we ever decided to sell the item in the future. The funny thing is that even though my tastes have changed so much over these years, I still have almost every one of those pieces. They no longer "read" as country to me but more as just cherished items-with more than a few to stories to go along with them!

But, I digress! I started that whole story to point out the red sleigh and the small Santa and bag salt & pepper shakers sitting on the shelf. One year my mom hit an antique store and bought those for me. Not only did she know that I loved "old" things but she knew how much I loved my Christmas decorating. I still love them and think of her thoughtfulness every year that I put them out!

And, also on that shelf is the little pine cone Santa skier that I bought when I was a little girl to use on the tree that I always got to put up in my bedroom. I can still vividly remember where I bought it. I have a few others as well but they are all now on the "toy" wreath that I made many years ago.

And, as a reminder of just how old I am, look at that price on the bottom. Not only was it just 10 cents but the prices were still stamped on things. I'll bet my grand children will not have a clue what that was!

The sleigh is pretty crudely made but I can just see a man out in his little workshop making this so his wife can use it to decorate their house for the holidays. I'll bet he would be happy to see where it has ended up and that someone is still loving it!

This is my hot chocolate station. Since I took this picture, I have added some bags of marshmallows and some chocolate stirrers. I know the kids will love using it!

I love this Santa picture. The Santa is painted on stock and then continued on the outer mat. For some reason, he just spoke to me.

This Christmas tree plate was a wedding gift 52 years ago and started the tradition of me giving Christmas items as wedding gifts to many couples over the years because it truly is the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Many years after towels are tattered and thrown away, Christmas items will still remind the recipient of the giver and bring back memories of a day years ago. To this day, I love gifts that I will use again and again on Christmases to come!

This platter was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law and falls into the above theory.

So that's it for the kitchen this year. If I don't get a move on, it will never have those lovely cookie smells coming from it. Days are going much too fast for me but I will get it done-I always do! Stay tuned.

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