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Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Is It Autumn Yet"???? the stores I mean. Since it is hot and rainy here, I am more than well aware of the fact that the calendar is only in summer. But, the last time I was in HL, I saw the beginnings of autumn filling the shelves. Since my husband's surgery, I haven't been in any stores other than a quick trip for groceries. My gut is telling me that autumn and Halloween are popping up everywhere. I think by next week, he will be able to be left alone and can get around the house by himself-at least long enough for me to make a few quick stops-just to see. I am one of those people who just does not like summer! I am sorry. I know that is sacrilege-especially when you live in Florida surrounded by all things summer, but it is how it is! Autumn can not come fast enough for me.

Ahhhh! There-that's better. I guess I am wishing my life away-well, at least summer. Looking forward to getting back out into the craziness that is life! Hopefully next week. Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yes, I'm Still Here!

Just touching base to let you know I am still here. My husband's knee replacement surgery was almost two weeks ago, and yesterday we definitely made the turn. He is now able to get himself up and down from most places-low chairs without arms still remain a bit difficult so we only use them for physical therapy. He is able to lend a hand with a lot of other grooming and dressing routines as well. He is still a bit uncomfortable but we have been through this before and know it comes with the territory. On days when we don't have the visiting nurse or therapist, I am in charge and, if I do say so myself, I am getting pretty good at this stuff. It is really not my cup of tea, but you do what you must and we make a good team.

With that being said, be careful what you wish for. How many times have I said that I wish I could just be home for awhile? Now, I have no other option and as much as I love my house and its seasonal decorations, I am having a bit of cabin fever. I can't really start any new projects because I can't get out to buy supplies nor do I have that much uninterrupted time. So, I am just putting on every 4th of July light we have, lighting every candle and trying to bask in the calm and warmth before once again I am thrust back into the craziness that is life! Nothing new to share so I thought I would just show you some of the small things that are bringing a smile to my face these days.

Sorry I don't have any new, fabulous ideas, but there is still time. I will keep looking and be back if I find anything I must share with you. Until then, I will try to remind myself to enjoy the moment! You do the same and stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bittersweet Moments

Life has many bittersweet moments. I am still a bit sleep deprived following our recent surgery and hospital stay, so most of the ones that come to mind right now involve children. I remember when our first daughter was born and I couldn't wait for her first words or her first steps or her first day of school, etc. I remember my mom telling me to stop wishing her life away. I had never quite thought of it like that. I was more wrapped up in the thrill of her progress. But, all too soon I realized that once a milestone had happened, you could never go back to the child she was before-and all too soon, she was no longer a child.

I think it was then that I tried to remember to enjoy each stage as it was happening but there were still some times I found myself wishing to see what came next.

Now that I have grand children and my own life seems to be flying by, I truly relish each stage as I realize that once we have moved on, I will never see that stage again-at least I don't think we will. I think 7 grand children is the magic number for us. It seems as if our three daughters have completed their families. And so, I find myself at yet another bittersweet moment. You see, about 4 or 5 months before our first grand daughter, Hannah, was born, we bought a crib. It is a beautiful dark wood, Jenny Lind style crib. I put it in the front guest room and that is where it has stayed for almost 18 years now! The bedding has changed as the guest room it is in has changed and every one of my grand children has slept in that crib. They have almost thought of it as a second home as none of them has ever been anything but comfy and secure in that bed and we never had any problem with getting them to have a good night's sleep when they were here. In fact, I have often heard that they slept longer here than they did at home.

And so, when grand daughter #5, Presley, moved to a "big girl bed" in her own home I felt that familiar knot in my stomach. But, for some reason, she still wanted to sleep in the crib when she spent the night here. And then it happened. She decided to put herself in for a nap on one recent visit and I found her sound asleep on the HIGH guest bed and I knew we had hit one more of those moments. The last of our "babies" was growing up and we really no longer needed a crib.

So, one morning bright and early, I headed in to take it down. I was incredibly sad to realize that another huge part of our lives was now over and there would be no going back. I spent some time trying to reason with myself that maybe I could still get Presley to sleep in there but the last time I had broached the subject she informed me "I not a baby any more Nana. I a big girl". And so I started and off came rail number one. But wait. A plan of action suddenly became clear. I could now use this as a day bed for Presley and maybe get to drag out the inevitable just a tad longer.

So this is my current configuration-and I'm sticking to it. At least until she grows another inch or two as most of that bed is already pretty much taken up with her long legs. But, for now, I am holding tight to one more last memory-these babies grow up way too fast for my liking! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So Happy to be Back!

I think in my last post I mentioned that I would be MIA for a bit. My husband had a total knee replacement on June 10. He had his first knee done about 10 years ago, so we knew what to expect but somehow, you never really quite remember ALL of it. He got out of the hospital on Friday and has continued to do very well since then. We are good patients so we are staying busy with all of the "stuff" between nurse and therapist visits.

And, as if having hubby home and it being Father's Day wasn't enough, our youngest grand daughter had her first dance recital this weekend also. Nothing quite like a little bottom decked out in a tutu to make everything right with the world.

Despite the sun in our eyes and a few other distractions, we managed to get a few pictures. We are missing my brother (who was there but had to head home before photo) and 2 sons-in-law and 2 grand daughters who were all out of state and my sister-in-law who was with her family in south Florida - like I have said, this is always a busy time for our family.

Since my husband couldn't make it to the performance (or my oldest daughter who stayed home with him so I could go), the performance came to them. After the curtain fell, we all headed home for a dance recital/Father's Day celebration. Presley was still in her costume so we were able to get her to perform one more time. She literally stole the show-now I know I would say that no matter what, but this time it is true-when they were supposed to do a pirouette or two and she just kept going and going until she was dizzy and wobbling a bit. It was totally hysterical but then she got right back into the routine-I see bright lights in her future-haha.

It really was a wonderful way to end such a stressful week. We are really so blessed to have such a wonderful family. They were here to not only care for my husband but me as well and there is no way to repay them for everything they did to take so much off of my shoulders. Each in his/her own way-right down to a hug or a smile from a little one at just the right time. We love them all so much  and wouldn't be where we are without them!

I am still pretty much home bound with hubby until next week, so my posts may be a bit sparse, but if I come up with anything, you will be the first to know. Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Finishing Up!

Just a few areas I haven't shown you yet. Nothing very special but, since I like to not only write this blog for you readers but also as a sort of journal (and memory jogger ) for myself, I figured I would include them. I think I have mentioned before that I like to use the previous year's pictures as my jumping off point but still try to change a little up every year whether I have new items to fit in or I just do some re-arranging. Today we will make quick stops in the guest bathroom, the front porch and the sunroom.

We have a busy week for our family coming up so I doubt there will be much tweaking or shopping, but if I do come up with something, you will be the first to know. Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


After going through the pictures for today's post, I realized that maybe I should have shown you these first and built up to the LR and DR and FR as these are pretty unexciting next to them. But alas, this is where we are, so we shall continue. The kitchen is pretty self explanatory-come along.

Nothing very exciting but we have a lot going on this year so most of my kitchen decorating is functional decorating. I will use most of the things that I have out. Any time I have anyone over between now and the 4th, all of my 4th decorative serving pieces will be used, wine will be served in blue glasses with 4th of July charms, napkins will be holiday oriented, etc. I know it's a bit OCD-but then, so am I. I love my holidays!
Come visit and you will see.

Leaving you today with this image-can't cut these fast enough! Isn't it serendipitous that the only blue flower in my garden always blooms just in time for all of the 4th of July festivities-sigh! Stay tuned.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Random Thoughts

The last award ceremony of the school year and Harrison looks like he has grown so much. Once again he received straight Es, he is up to 100 AR points and he got another dog tag for running 400 laps. Here he is with his fabulous 2nd grade teacher. He loved her and she was so wonderful with him-can't ask for much more.

It is the time of year to welcome back old friends. The recent afternoon rains have made these guys very happy and they are back full force. And, it is always perfect timing because these beautiful blue blooms make lots and lots of fabulous 4th of July bouquets!

And, now that all of the award ceremonies and graduations are over, we only have one more event to look forward to...Presley's first dance recital. Can't wait to see their tribute to Dr. Seuss! June 15 can't come fast enough!

And, as I am always wont to do, I keep a watchful eye out for the first hint if autumn. Since I live in Florida, my first hint always comes by way of a retail aisle. But I don't care. I walk up and down these aisles so slowly breathing in the fabulous colors (faux leaves and pumpkins)  and scents (candles and oils) of the season and I force myself to forget that we haven't even officially entered the summer season yet. But, if autumn is peeking in, can Halloween be far behind. I am almost "giddy" just thinking of the possibility-or else-it will be a long, hot summer! We'll be back to the 4th decor soon. Stay tuned.