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Monday, January 22, 2018

My Favorite Spot!

I must admit that I have lots of favorite spots in my house. A lot of time my current favorite depends on the holiday and season and so, as we speak, the family room is my favorite! My chair gives me a perfect view of the whole room and when the lights are on on the mantle, the candles are all lit and a fire is going in the fireplace, I am in heaven. I could literally sit there all day long!

So on we go to my cozy spot...

I still love my dozen long stemmed "poses". Maybe one of these days I should make another with some updated photos! Lol

I bought that second Pottery Barn lantern before Christmas and when I went to re-do the mantle for Valentine's Day, I decided the pair is now going to be another "permanent" decor display in my home. That way, I have less area to think about and all I will have to do is change the color of the candles depending on the holiday or season. I LOVE these lanterns and I love how they anchor the mantle, so why not? Starting to go with the "if it ain't broke..." way of thinking. It is also helping me to begin to de-clutter a bit....which, I will admit, is very difficult for me. Not so much because I don't want to but because every time I do, Murphy's law drops in. I swear, every time I get rid of something, someone in my family will call the very next day and ask if I still have it and can they borrow NEVER fails.

That being said, I am beginning to gather some things for a dreaded garage sale. I AM NOT a garage sale fan. I don't like going to them and I REALLY dislike having them. But I do have a lot of stuff and I am kind of getting tired of having to move 6 things to get to another. It is time to simplify a bit more - not only in my decorating but in my storage as well. This will not be easy for me but I am going to try to start with baby steps - we shall see!

And this has been my view the last few days. We have had some "real" winter weather so I have not only had a chance to wear some of my many sweaters but also to have some real fires. I usually take the easy way out and just use a Duraflame for the ambiance but the last few weeks, I have definitely wanted the heat that real flames give off. And, I must say, I am getting pretty good at this fire building!

So that's it for today. Our weather is picture perfect today so I'm off to get some things done but I will be back. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Valentine Dining Room

It looks like we're in for a reminder of just what winter can feel like if we lived anywhere but Florida so before I head out to grab some wood and get a fire going, let's head into the dining room.

I'm kind of loving one of my Christmas gifts from daughter #3 and family - the Ravenswood Winery poster. My girls and I have always thought of this logo as "ours" as there are the three girls in our family and our last name is Ravn. My daughter got this poster when she visited the winery in Napa. I immediately fell in love with it and tried to find one only to learn that it can only be purchased at the winery. What a wonderful surprise to see it come into our house on Christmas and to now have it hanging in our dining room. I love it!

Wow, I got through these pictures without much to say. Guess since I'm keeping it a bit simpler these days, things are pretty self explanatory. I'm off to try to get cozy and "hunker in" for what promises to be maybe our coldest night yet! Stay warm and stay tuned.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Getting Back to Routine

I am happy to say that I finally have all of Christmas down and put away. It took me awhile because I kept finding other little projects to squeeze in...but that's a good thing. And now, I have Christmas down as well as lots of little projects completed-a good way to start the new year!

And so, let's move along on the Valentine decor. Into the kitchen we go. Once again I was so thankful that I finally started using the baker's rack for its intended purpose and not just as another place to display pictures and decor. My brother, sister-in-law and youngest grand daughter were here for the weekend and we grabbed many dishes and cups from the rack. It is just the easiest way to not only display but to also make available all of your holiday items for easy accessibility!

I'm so happy it's tulip time again! I love spring flowers and around here, the tulips are always the first to arrive and are the most readily available.

As I was posting this blog, I was looking at all of the things that I still use that I have made over the years. I am really having trouble finding anything I want to put on my craft to-do list this year. I haven't given up hope - I am still looking - but, when I make something I like it to be something I can and will actually use. Don't know if I'm just getting pickier or if there really aren't any new ideas out there. Fingers crossed that I will get a brain storm soon. Stay tuned.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Almost There!

When last I posted, I admitted that my Christmas outdoor Christmas lights were still up. I was only going to do the porch this year.

Even though this was very pretty at night, it didn't come close to the beautiful show of icicle lights that we usually do. And so, just about six days before the actual holiday, I got out the ladder, the lights and my courage and "got her done"! Because we run the lights not only the entire length of the house but the fence on one side as well, this is a bit of a daunting job for one. It involves LOTS of ladder up and down as well as squeezing behind trellises, hedges, etc. But, the scariest part is getting to the peak of the roof which involves being on the top rung of the ladder with nothing to hang on to until you are up there. It is not my favorite task, but when it was done, I felt a major rush of "TOWANDA" coursing through my body!! I took these pictures with my phone just because it was at hand so you can't really see the full affect. Also, all across the porch line and up and down the peak area are those "drippy" long icicles as well. I think they are beautiful and I must admit to many minutes spent mesmerized by the slight of them "melting" before my eyes.

In any case, they have remained up and lit because we finally had a bit of true winter weather and my fingers don't work real well when they're numb. I finally had a day to get out there and tackle the job and, can you believe that by the time I was done, I was perspiring. Yep, we were back up to 74 degrees yesterday! Gotta love Florida weather. Although, I actually loved the burst of winter and can't complain much about 74 either!!

This had looked to be a bit of an empty calendar week until things started popping up and I have been on the run. I had a friend visiting all day Tuesday and the yesterday was award ceremony day at Eighth Street Elementary and I was thrilled to see both of my grand children receive awards. Presley got a reading award and Hudson got the honor roll and a "Soaring Eagle".

Since their mom is at the Design Market in Atlanta, I got to pick them both up from school. We did our usual Peach Wave Frozen Yogurt stop before heading home for an afternoon of fun!

I kept busy with three new "projects" as well. The first was one of those "exactly why am I doing this and NOBODY else in the whole world will even know I did it" kind of things.

When I took down the Christmas decor from the niche, I noticed that the shelves really could use another coat of paint and, since I always have a gallon of my favorite trim paint on hand, I decided to add this to my list of to-dos and then get it done quickly so I could check it off. Painting these few shelves is not a hard task although I am not a fan of painting the bottoms of shelves and my eyes are getting so bad that seeing where I have already painted or not is getting to be a bit of a challenge. But, I got it done pretty quickly. Why, oh why, didn't I stop right here? I'm not sure what I was thinking, but, before I could stop myself, I had painted on the front of the cupboard doors...just to "see". And boy, when I stepped back, I SAW! Do you see it too?

When I had these cupboards added, I was very into "country". I mean chicken and rooster kind of country. I wanted these cupboards to look like something a man would have just put up in his little house on the prairie. Lol. The poor carpenter kept saying "are you sure this is what you want?". But I was. I loved it and I still love the amount of storage this area gives me for my many, many sets of seasonal and holiday dinnerware! But, rough sawn wood - what was I thinking?

In any case, it was pretty obvious that the white paint had darkened over the years so I gave myself a good talking to and got started. This project took two me a full day which I divided up because my arm was killing me. The paint has to be seriously "scrubbed" into the rough surface, I wasn't sure I would ever finish but I did. And, except for the faint, lingering smell of paint, no one but me knows it was done - and now you too. But, it sure felt good checking one thing off the list!

I have always been a huge coffee drinker and have had some fancy coffee pots in my day. But, for whatever reason, I can't seem to tolerate as much these days. I was finding that two cups was about my limit. Making two cups in a pot seemed a bit ridiculous so, when my old pot no longer heated up and I knew I needed a new one, I seriously considered a Keurig. My kids have them and I've never been a fan because I have the need to make a full pot when company is here - or get a loan at the bank to buy enough K-cups to fill everyone up! And, I really didn't want two different coffee makers on the counter. I really was waffling about what to do as I was roaming around Kohls one day with an extra 30% off coupon. I just happened over to the small appliances, looked up and....what to my eyes should appear?

There it was! A coffee maker that not only made one cup at a time with a K-cup but a pot of coffee OR one cup with a reusable filter that you filled with your own coffee! Genius!!! I truly don't know if this was the first such machine out there. I do know it is the first one I ever saw but I have seen other less expensive ones popping up since. But, this machine was on sale, I got an additional 30% off as well as got to use $10 worth of additional coupons and got back $30 in Kohl's cash. As my hubby liked to say "they were practically paying me to buy it"! Lol

My other project is one of long standing. I have been wanting to put some kind of window coverings on my living room windows - especially the large one. I really didn't want drapes but this is such a large window that no matter what I did it was going to be costly so I decided I at least wanted to see about woven wooden blinds. Since we put the decorative trim around the window, I thought blinds inside the casing would be good because you could still see the pretty detail. Since I have two decorators in my family, I didn't think this would be that daunting a task...they do this every day. The problem is, they do this every day for "paying" In any case, we are finally moving forward and samples are arriving every day. I know this will have to be a custom install because of the size and will take some time even after we actually get it correctly measured and ordered so, in the mean time, I wanted "something" up there that I could close to keep in/out the heat or chill that wouldn't cost a fortune. Again, this is a big window so extra wide panels are expensive. Luckily, daughter #3 was cleaning out some bins at her house and found some Pottery Barn extra wide, linen drapes that were perfect-except that they are 12" too long!

I decided to hang them on the rings I already had-didn't want to spend a fortune on 38 new, expensive rings IF this isn't going to be a permanent solution. I also borrowed her steamer so I'm hoping I can get out some of those wrinkles now that they're hanging. I will wait to see what kind of estimates come in on the blinds before making a decision or spending any more on these although, I will say, I think if they were the correct length and I had the correct amount of hooks, I might be OK with this. At least for now, I'm enjoying closing out the world at night!

My brother and sister-in-law are coming down for the weekend. We are going to be celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday so I'm off to start doing some cooking. I love it when I have things on the calendar. I'll be back soon with more Valentine decor so stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Bring On 2018!

I finally have all of Christmas - including the biggest tree ever - taken down although I will admit that the house lights are still hanging and a number of bins are still not packed up or put away. My defense on the lights is that we have actually had a bit of real winter weather and it was a bit too nippy outside to be going up and down a ladder for several hours! Besides, it was so cozy inside with fires going and quite beautiful to look out and see the lights twinkling and the "drippy icicle" lights shining that I wasn't in a hurry. Now that we're back to more of our traditional weather pattern, I will get to work!

But, as Christmas came down, Valentine's Day went up. I used to go from Christmas to "winter" (lots of white candles, snowflakes and glittery twigs ) until one day I realized that I was taking down red to put up white only to put red back up in a very short while. It didn't take long to realize that that was a bit of a waste of time and effort - even for the seasonally addicted sort that I am - so, I skipped the "middle man" and just left the red out and brought in the hearts! After all, there are only two short weeks in February before the holiday is here so I'm O.K. with being ready right now!

In any case, just a few minor changes in the living room - see if you can spot them.

I still love this download of the little girls walking with their Valentine's in hand. It reminds me of my cousins and me. I can still see us in those wool coats with our little folded down socks and Mary Jane shoes.

As I look at these pictures, I am realizing that most of the changes are only because I have added the new lamps to the mix. I'm sure you know how much I love my seasonal and holiday decorating. It takes me several days every time I make a change, but I don't mind. That being said, I am realizing that there are many vignettes in my home that I love and I am happy just swapping out a picture or a different colored candle and calling it a day...and, it sure makes the "heavy lifting" a lot easier!

So that is the living room for this year. I am hard at work now trying to plan some Valentine's craft projects. The problem there is that I have been "at" this for so long, that there isn't much I haven't already done...and still have. Lol Pinterest, here I come. Wish me luck and stay tuned.