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Monday, November 3, 2014

Fair Warning...Just Sayin'

O.K. So our 2014 Halloween month is officially over and I am sad but busting at the seams to share! You have already seen Nana and Papa weekend and our visits to two different pumpkin patches as well as Scarecrow Row...but, "you ain't seen nothin' yet"!

Our traditional trick-or-treating hit a little snag this year - Jen and Harrison were sidelined with the flu earlier in the week and still not up to the traditional kick-off dinner at their house, so hubby and I went over to try to have a little celebration with the two patients while we sent Daddy off to a party with Presley and Hudson.

One of "oh so many" Elsas this year. Look carefully at this costume because it is the last time you will see it! This is the final product of that "oh so messed up" McCalls pattern. It turned out beautifully if I do say so myself and she looked adorable. But, "it doesn't have a 'slit'" - which is apparently what made her decide that it wasn't "authentic" enough! Glad I've been doing this so many years that it really didn't bother me when she decided she wanted nothing to do with it at our family party!


Happily, everyone awoke feeling good enough for tradition to continue.

Once again, I didn't get many food photos because once everyone started to arrive, I was having way more fun. This is the favor bucket. It is full of the candy bars the kids "dressed", Pop Rocks, glow sticks, spider rings and bracelets - a little something for everyone!

I found these at Barnes and Nobles in their "Poe" area and just had to buy one for each of us "Ravns".. and my sister-in-law who is an adopted "Ravn".

I had seen these doughnuts all over Pinterest and thought it would be cute to have gussied up doughnuts for our doughnuts on string game. Fortunately, I bought extras. I avoided the Publix bakery doughnuts because I know they sometimes freeze their products for extended life but never dreamed they would do the same with Krispy Kremes. When I opened the box, they were drippy and when I stuck in the teeth, they proceeded to pop open and break the doughnuts in half. Luckily, they still tasted fine so we ate these and used "naked" doughnuts for the game.

This is my standby skeleton in bread coffin filled with spinach dip. We had sooo much else to eat today. We did appetizers of crudites and dips, oh so yummy hot Mexican cheese dip and orange and black chips, tortilla roll-ups, salsa and chips and cheese and crackers. For dinner we had delicious chili, hot dogs and Funeral Sandwiches - along with everything still leftover from earlier. Dessert was homemade popcorn balls, homemade Halloween chip cookies and doughnuts!

So tradition always dictates that we take our witch pictures as everyone arrives. Here is the one of the little kids that we took earlier. Always good to get any picture taking done when the bodies are still and available!

Hannah and Morgan arrive.

Nana has a chance to don her favorite hat and jump in a picture.

Caitlin and Olivia arrive - and, look at the new "broom" that they arrived in:

Caitlin is so proud of her first car! Still having trouble believing she is old enough to drive let alone have her own car!!

Love this crew of witches. As they are all growing way too fast, it gets harder and harder every year to squeeze them all into that arch picture!

Photos all finished...let the fun begin!! So much more to come. Stay tuned.

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