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Monday, October 27, 2014

"How Much Did They Pay You?"...

..."to take that off their hands?" I think I have mentioned before that is is a common reply of my husband's when I come home dragging something that has been "very loved" in a previous life. Somehow, I am totally drawn to "rustic" and "weathered". The old red cupboard and mantle in my family room are just two of the many things I have fallen in love with and brought home over the years. Some of my favorites are no longer with us - like the real goat cart that I truly loved so much. I bought it at an auction and started out using it in the house with all sorts of seasonal displays. But, that thing was BIG and I eventually moved it outside where the Florida weather finally got the best of it.

In any case, it was no surprise to me when I was looking at my autumn Pinterest page and saw the beginnings of a pattern:

Tables with old weathered wood running down the center were everywhere. I love that look. I was kind of hoping that I could find just such a perfect piece of wood hanging around my house or garage but no such luck. I could probably buy a piece somewhere but before I even got that far, I opened an email from Williams Sonoma and found  the wooden piece I showed you a blog or so ago. I think they call it a trivet?? Or maybe a cutting board?? In any case, I had seen it on my last trip to Tampa and have regretted not getting it several times since then. So, when they are not only offering it to me on sale but with free shipping - and this things weighs a ton so that was a good deal - how could I say no?

The little card on this tells me that this is from a vintage collection of wood products salvaged from old buildings throughout Europe. It certainly looks like it could be and I don't think Williams Sonoma would lie. I can just see it on the floor of an old church or market somewhere down a lovely cobblestone street. It is cracked and pitted and it COULD NOT be more beautiful in my eyes!

This is how I am currently using it because, quite frankly, I don't have time right now to do anything else but I can not wait for my Thanksgiving decorations to come out - the possibilities are endless!

And who can forget this beauty and all of its variations? I made a rather long one several years ago and have some smaller wooden boxes from many, many years past. Still love them and still use them all! I made the long wooden box out of old wood from a pergola we were ripping down. There is just something about that stuff that speaks to me. I think it is just the warm tones that feel so cozy and homey - and, the older I get, the more of a cozy homebody I am becoming!

I am still in the midst of party preparations. Stay tuned.

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