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Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Dying" to Invite You In...

I am thinking about "amping" up my outside "velcome" area. I love what I have but have to keep it pretty tight as what you see now is on the circular drive of our house - right by the front door. The circle part is hard for the SUVs of today to get through without going onto the grass a bit so that means that anything I have in this area is privy to the occasional "tire". I would really like to expand it more with some of the new goodies that are available out there, but, to do that, I think I would need to set this up out in the front lawn - and, I am just kind of used to it where it is.

And so, all of the things I had in my cart the other day for a "cemetery expansion" got put back on the shelves before leaving and I am still pondering. Maybe I will leave it as it is this year and then see what is left and on sale after the holiday for me to design next year!

I am still so in love with this sign. I can't tell you how many years the idea sat in my to-do pile. So glad I finally DID!

And, look who is back!

This is the guy I bought last year to use on the mantle in my Nell Hill knock-off and I loved him there. The mantle looked kind of classy - if there is such a thing where Halloween decorating goes! But you all know what happened - I lost so many of my "merchandising" areas when we did the redesign. So, the mantle was the only place for the photo gallery this year which meant Mr. Bones was displaced. My initial plan had been to nestle him on top of the old red cabinet looking down on my new skelly wreath, but, alas, he is just too darn tall and I couldn't squeeze him in there no matter how hard I tried!

And so, being totally out of creative brain cells at that point, I sat him on a chair in the family room and that is where he stayed until 2 of my daughters were here and wanting to sit in that chair. They were dragging him around until one of them said, "why not sit him on the hearth?" and a new vignette was formed. I like him here and here is where he will stay until a better idea strikes! Stay tuned.

P.S. Just realized that he may not fair well if we light a fire but we will cross that bridge when we get to it!

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