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Monday, October 6, 2014

"Now I'm Really Scared"!!

Sometimes things turn out as planned and sometimes they even turn out better! Unfortunately, today, neither of those happened. I am working on a craft idea that I should have known was jinxed from the start when I couldn't find the required supplies and then realized how small this thing was once I actually started to put two and two together.

In my defense, I recently had some eye surgery that turned out being way more invasive than I had realized and I am still pretty confined to home and darkness. I am still having trouble focusing and when I use my eyes too much, they burn and water and I can't see at all. All that being said, it really doesn't address the failure of this project but I am ready to lay the blame anywhere I can!

So this is what was going all over Pinterest and I thought it would make a good Halloween gift this year. Pretty cute, huh?

He looked simple enough until I started out to find the supplies. The "votive holder" that she used for the bowl was NO WHERE to be found! I couldn't find anything else with this depth that had a flat edge so that you could glue on the skelly so I ended up with a very shallow candle dish.

Then, when I started to cut up the skeletons, their bones are so TINY! the blogger said she got the skeletons at the dollar store, so I am pretty sure I am using the correct ones. The next size up that I found would have been WAY TOO BIG!

And so, because I really couldn't see to find anything better or shop for anything better, I forged ahead.

I started by using E6000 glue to adhere the candlestick to the candle dish. I ended up making a template and drawing a circle to be sure the candlestick was pretty much in the center of the dish - and then you just kind of have to keep an eye on things because glass on glass tends to slip with the glue until it has taken a hold.

Then, I glued on the skeleton pieces. I had to use two skeletons each - although I only used one skull - to get enough bones to make it look full.

I sprayed the whole thing silver.
I don't have any pictures of the next step because you have to work pretty fast. You simply paint over the entire thing with black paint - I did mine in sections - and then quickly wipe it off leaving some in the nooks and crannies. This is where I learned another something??? As I was holding the stem of the holder to wipe off the paint, I realized that the silver paint was flaking off on my hand. I don"t know if it was because I didn't let the paint "cure" or if it was that I should have primed the shiny, slippery clear glass first - probably. I simply went back with a quick swipe of silver and antiqued it again and we are fine.

I put a candle in mine but, as you can see, it kind of blocks the whole idea of the skeleton and his bones. I then put the candle and holder back on the shelf and this is a total fail - it is too high to see any of the detail. I think I am going to use it for candy instead - although I think it will have to be wrapped candy because I am not sure if the paint would be food safe - and it really isn't big enough to hold very much - maybe that's the only bright spot associated with this project because I don't need a lot of candy. Maybe I'll leave the candle in it and just put it somewhere lower.

In any case, it still isn't a favorite but, as the kids are always saying, "it is what it is". And any way, isn't it the thought that counts? Stay tuned.


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