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Monday, October 20, 2014

"She's Back"

This will be my view for the next few days as I tackle the rest of the Halloween costume sewing. Even after I set a place in my office as a permanent home for my sewing machine, I realized that I miss the view of the yard and all of the creatures that come to visit all day long so I decided to temporarily move it back to the dining room table. I open the windows, put on some music, plug in all of the Halloween lighting and light the candles. All of that along with a nice cup of pumpkin spice coffee and I am in heaven! I somehow want to freeze these moments in time yet I know that as each day passes, we are getting closer and closer to our big party and I really do need to sit down and get some lists made. Oh well, it won't be far from this spot to my new, favorite sitting spot and I can get working on that too. Although, I will say, being a family of "traditionalists", I am not expecting much of a change from previous years. I sent out an email asking about what new things anyone would like to see us do and what old things could go by the wayside and I have received NO responses. When I asked the same question in person this weekend to my daughter and 2 of the grands, I received a wide eyed stare like they thought Nana may be losing it - change a tradition? Whaaaaatttt? And so, the need to get the lists made just doesn't seem as pressing to me as taking time to "smell the pumpkins". In fact, I can probably just find the list from last year, or the year before that get the idea! Gotta love tradition - for oh so many reasons!! Stay tuned.

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