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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Just a Bit More

Even though yesterday was a picture perfect autumn day around here, I spent a lot of it inside and can now say - except for one last try-on and some hemming and adjusting - this year's Halloween costumes are all ready to go! Yeah. And, even though mine and hubby's may not be our best ever, I am happy with how they turned out and they are definitely "kid friendly".

I did find that I could not spend my entire day without being in that beautiful weather a bit, so I would give myself breaks in the garden. I used my time outside to put out a few last minute decorations. Since all of our party games are usually outdoors - and, we will probably end up sitting outside a lot - I like the backyard to be festive as well. I don't have tons of outdoor decor but what I do have helps lend to the festivities.

Welcome to the garden! Wish I had time to pressure clean the deck, but that isn't going to happen this very busy week, so I will just have to pretend that it is part of the "spooky" factor!

Haven't been able to be out in the garden much since my eye surgery so you can imagine my surprise when I happened upon this beauty! I love it when this happens. This is a large and blooming "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" surrounded by lots of smaller off shoots as well. I planted ONE of these plants on the other side of the walkway and suddenly "babies" are appearing everywhere! This particular large one is coming up around my very old and probably dying gardenia so it serves a purpose very well right now until I decide if I am going to dig out the gardenia's very deep roots and replant another or just let this beauty take over - we shall see. I love my gardenias in spring but I put down a lot more plants this past year so I think I will have more than my cutting quota.

I have a very busy week coming up..lots of appointments as well as a few fun get-togethers before our big weekend. Can't wait to share. Stay tuned.

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