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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Loose Ends

I just realized that I didn't entirely finish our house tour so I thought I would tie up the loose ends before I pull out the machine and start sewing on this years costumes. I think I only have three to make. Don't know if this is because everyone is taking pity on me because of the eye surgery - which might actually be a good move because at this juncture, I'm not even sure I will be able to see the hole in the needle to thread it - heck, I'm not even sure I will be able to see the needle, but, I digress - or if they just want to do their own thing as they get older and don't need princess gowns or complicated costumes any more. Since I have made as many as 9 costumes a year in the past, this year should seem like a walk in the park...we shall see.

Let's start with the bathroom - just a few changes from last year.


I love this little dish I found at Michaels. I guess it is that letter and number graphic that always seems to attract me.

Then I found this pretty pumpkin soap at T.J. Maxx. I almost didn't want to cover the dish but I settled on putting it in on an angle.

Sunroom is simple once again because this is the room where we pretty much do everything when the kids are here and I want easy access to what we use. They love to eat and craft in this room as they always have lots of visits from birds and squirrels...and even the occasional raccoon!

Once again I was happy to go with just the black candle holders and candles - with a glittered skull balanced on one of them.

My favorite coffee drinking-magazine perusing spot!

Say hello to my new little friend. Somewhere I got the brilliant idea to make these bottles as another gift this if my last idea wasn't failure enough! I ran right out and bought the bottles and a few more supplies and thought I had it all figured out - until I started making my first one. Thank goodness I always start with one to tweak my ideas before I "ruin" all of the supplies. My plan had been to use the mirror paint like I did back in July on the Mason jars...and, quite honestly, which had been so simple and fast and easy!. I am guessing that because this bottle has such a small opening, not enough air can get inside to dry the paint quickly enough. In any case, this was a major fail and that started me on a quest to do something before I just had to throw this bottle in the trash. It took many, many different techniques but I finally got something I wouldn't be embarrassed to display. I truly have NO idea what all I did or how I would do it again, so this guy will remain a one-of-a-kind and I will have to come up with another idea for the sack of bottles waiting in the office!

Since we will have so many overnight guests on Halloween weekend, I like to do a bit of decorating in each guest room as well. I was in Michaels and happened upon a package of Halloween graphics. There were 6 in the package on sale at 50% off for $3.00 (I think). Each one is also embellished with some orange glitter. I could not even download, print and glitter them myself this inexpensively so I threw them in my cart with no plans. As I was adding a few things to each room, I realized I could just slip them into 8 X 10" frames that were already in these spaces and I would have a quick and easy answer.

Note to self - this picture actually NEEDS to be put into the frame! I also have some things in our bathroom and bedroom but the sun is shining so brightly that even with the shades still drawn, I couldn't get a picture - maybe later.

And, just a bit more tweaking to my Poe vignette. Last year I bought a "real" book of poems by Edgar Allan Poe and I loved it. Then, the other day I was in Barnes and Nobles and spied an entire Poe section in their Halloween decor. I couldn't help myself. I had to grab a few new things!

Can you spot them?

They had this flameless candle...

...and this slightly more "dramatic" book of poems. It is glittered for heaven's sake! I had to have it!! And just that fast, the "real" book got slipped under the candelabra as on more "riser" and this one took center stage. I love it.

I think that takes you to where we are right now. Off to sew. Stay tuned.

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