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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Home Again, Home Again!

We are home from another few days of travel...not to mention the worl's busiest week. I have a few moments to breathe, so I thought maybe we should head to the family room.

I'm still using the palette sign I made as well as the glittered heart, X & O and doilies that my mom made me so many years ago. I love glitter at any time of years but I especially love it for Valentine's Day!

This is the simplest wreath ever. I have made many of them over the years but this one was made with our G.S. troop. We simply bent a coat hanger into a heart shaped and used a double hitch (I think) to tie on pieces of ripped, red cotton until it was full and fluffy. I found the wooden hearts on a really good sale a few years back st HL and used them to embellish it. I think when we made them in scouts, we added a pretty white ribbon with glittered hearts dangling from the tails.


The familyroom is also pretty much the same as last year. I wish I could come up with some brilliant new ideas but so far that's just not happening!

Yesterday was a wonderfully, super busy day for us. Before we headed to Gainesville for the night and a birthday celebration for my sister-in-law, we started the day bright and early at the first of two award ceremonies. It makes for a long morning, but we're not complaining. We are super proud of these two honor roll award winners-and of their brother as well but now that he is in middle school, no ceremonies for him! lol

So that's it for today. I am going out to enjoy some of this beautiful "spring" weather we are having. It will probably lull me into doing trimming I shouldn't be doing because winter is far from over I think. Stay tuned.

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