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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finishing the 4th

In my last post, I mentioned that I would stop in my favorite shop in Micanopy on my way home from lunch with my mom in Gainesville today. Along the way, I realized that the last thing I need is one more Uncle Sam and sanity prevailed. I would just keep driving right on through. I made a quick stop at Michaels to see what was left and picked up this Uncle Sam in a car. He isn't my favorite, but I thought he might look cute on the coffee table. I also grabbed a few more serving pieces because you never know when I might invite the entire Gator marching band (or whomever) to my house for the 4th and just need all of those bowls, plates, etc.! I can't stand to see something remain on a shelf at a store once I have spied the "sale" label. In any case, I had a wonderful lunch with my mom and her "tablemates". It seems as if 2 of the ladies had some words this morning. One of them was on a day trip with the Atrium so I could sit at her spot during lunch and the other lady kept telling me how happy she was that I was there and wanting to know how she could bribe me to come back and eat every meal with them. Hopefully things will have calmed down between them by dinnertime tonight as I am now happily back in Ocala with no plans to return until next week. And to think it all transpired over one of the ladies complaining about being too cold - and taking out her teeth to clean them at the table...but that is a whole other story! O.K., so I call my husband & tell him I'm on my way home and start to drive. I swear I get about 30 seconds outside of Micanopy and the heavens open up! I truly can't see a foot past my windshield so I take it as divine intervention!!! Someone wants me to stop at "The Shop" - I'm just saying. Anyhow, you already know how this ends - as did my husband. I found one more Uncle Sam that is a bit different and while I was there chomping at the bit to ask about Halloween but thinking someone would have me committed if I did (as it was 101 degrees outside), the owner of the store volunteered to me that she knew I would go crazy when I saw the new Halloween stuff arriving daily. She ordered lots of Bethany Lowe - my favorite vintage designer. I love her stuff but she has almost priced herself out of my pocket in recent years. I do love to go to her website and see what she's doing and figure out how I could make one of my own. Can't wait. I know you're on the edge of your seats waiting. I will fill you in on Micanopy in another post as it really is a great little town and "The Shop" is awesome!

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