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Monday, May 19, 2014

Dilemma Solved...

...but a new one is created!!

One would think that living in Florida would give us perfect weather every day. But, the truth be told, even if we have sun, our weather is not always what I would term "perfect". I don't like heat. It suffocates me and the humidity puts the nail in my coffin. I am lucky that my large yard is pretty much shaded by huge oak trees and I have a large, inviting pool so I can still work in the yard and find a way to cool off but that wouldn't be my first choice. My first choice would be the humid less, 74 degree, not a cloud in the skies kind of day. And, that is what we have had the last week and I could not drag myself into the house so I hit the gardens again.

I have shared my new garden with you but it came along with a bit of a dilemma.

Here is what the garden looked like when I put it in about a month ago. I knew I would be adding more plants but then realized how much this area was costing. I also realized that this is one area of our large yard that isn't touched by our irrigation system and will never be as we have the largest number of zones you can have on one system. I also knew that I didn't want to put out a traditional sprinkler or have to hand water every single day. What to do?

Then, I remembered my sprinkler tree sculpture that was currently on the other side of the pool. It was in an area that was serviced by the irrigation but I just liked to look at it. I decided to move it over and see what I thought. Luckily for me, this is the area that once held my pergola/potting shed and I had had water plumbed in some time ago. I simply hooked up the hose to the faucet and the "tree", buried the hose and voila! We had water. And, it must have worked because this is what the garden looks like as we blog:

Even the vine is more than half way up this trellis.

Everything has filled in really well and even though this faucet may not be the height of "garden fashion", I think it looks pretty spiffy with its new top hat!

So, if I was going to be out in the yard, you know I needed a project. So, remember all of those plants I bought and showed you the other day? They had some friends added after another trip to the nursery and then one to Lowes to purchase more mulch and bricks for edgers - actually forgot to buy some for the pool side to hold in the mulch, so another trip will be in order this afternoon.

So here we go again. I am a symmetrical kind of gal. The height and weight on the left side of this picture is bothering me compared to the lack of the same on the left! So, what's a girl to do? While I am out this afternoon picking up those bricks, I will be looking for a pretty, tall trellis and then a blue skies vine to wind up it. I will add that at the back of the new little garden and I think I will then be okay. That will also pretty much "close off" this side of the yard (of course you can still walk through the gardens but... ) and then the arched trellis will be the only "true" entrance to this side of the yard making it a sort of "secret garden". I think I will like that!

Hydrangeas are starting to bloom. I love these things!

I managed to get everything done - including the new hanging baskets - and even had a few minutes for the hammock, a few chapters in my latest book and a glass of wine. Ahhhhh!!! What a way to spend my time!!! More to come. Stay tuned.

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