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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Here We Go Again!

Decorator daughter came over to help me decide where to hang this picture. I wasn't even sure I wanted to reintroduce color to the dining room as I was getting used to it being neutral. But, when we held it up over the love seat, we both agreed that it had found a home. Recently, the large rectangular antique mirror hung here and I never really warmed up to it.

And so, that was easy. We then sat down to start talking and before I knew what was happening, her eyes starting darting around and she asked me if I had ever thought of bringing the "fireplace" from the sun room to the dining room.

I bought this piece many, many years ago - before we added our large family room with a real fireplace. It burns gel fuel and had its place back then but recently, it just moved wherever I wanted more "merchandising" space. For the last few years it has been at the end of the sun room and holds seasonal decor and photos.

In any case, Jen tells me she has always loved it. Surprise to me! I thought for sure it would be the next thing NOT to make the cut!

But, we moved the cupboard that was now housed here to the middle guest room to hold the TV. It fits better in that space than the Habersham piece I was using because it is much narrower and provides a larger walk space. Of course, that means that I now have another piece with no home - at least for now.

Here is how the piece looks now. Of course, that meant my new wine barrel vineyard sign had to move to the other end of the dining room and the mirror that hung there moved to my bathroom which displaced the mirror with shelf that was see how it goes. One thing always leads to another.

Wasn't really sure how to decorate this spot but since everything will be changing to the 4th probably later this week, I decided to just make it a wine theme and "let it go". If this was going to be here forever, I would spend more time on it but it is O.K. for now. I do like the height this piece brings back to this area. After so many years of having my large hutch there, I was having trouble getting used to the shorter piece - but I do like the less cluttered look! That old hutch held a LOT of STUFF!

The added bonus is that without the fireplace in the sun room, there is so much more light everywhere. But then things didn't look exactly right in here. Jen came up with what I consider a genius idea. She moved the chair, ottoman and side table into the corner where the fireplace had been. That gave more room between the kids' table and the couch and made the entire room look larger and cleaner. And now I have another spot to sit and put my feet up and enjoy the view into the yard and towards the pool!

I love this kind of "shopping". We just use what I already have in a new and different way. Think of all of the money I saved that I can now spend on more plants!

Looks like our kitchen counters may be becoming a reality. A friend was here the other day and he was giving my husband some ideas on some new things. When he left, hubby said "why don't we get going on that?". I have been talking about this forever but someone else says it is a good idea and I guess it is! Oh well, I will take it any way I can get it. Of course, there are many decisions to be made and you all know that I am not good at that, so we shall see. Stay tuned.

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