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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Doughnuts for Dads

So I had my turn last week and this week my hubby got his chance.

Since school is out for Father's Day, Presley's school always does something early so the dads get a chance to be honored as well. Since my son-in-law was tied up in important meetings all day long, Presley asked Papa to attend with her - and he was more than happy to do so! This is just such a sweet age and she is always so happy to see us - I got to tag along as the official photographer but made sure to stay in the background so Papa and Presley could have their day together. These are the little things that make memories.

And, speaking of memories, I will be back to my photo organizing today after an unplanned busy day yesterday. Had to head out early in the day but then my plan HAD been to return home and dig in. We were having THE MOST PERFECT WEATHER EVER!!! A nice crisp breeze and NO humidity. The day just cried for being outside. With that in mind, I decided to make a quick stop at Lowes for a few things and then head to the grocery store. Best laid plans!!! As I was approaching the last turn before the grocery store, the devil made me go straight instead - right to my favorite but out-of-the-way nursery. Thought I would just pick up some more day lilies but when I saw some other things on sale, I just couldn't help myself!!

My car was simply packed with plants and somehow that made me decide I just had to run by Pinch-A-Penny and get a new pool float because I knew I would be doing a lot of work in the yard and would deserve a break here and know how my brain seems to go in circles and one thing always leads to another for me.

Then, it was on to my daughter's house to hem some drapes. The day before I had been there to sew on some rings and that was to be that but her seamstress must not have measured this one panel correctly and being an "I want it now" kind of gal like her mom, the easiest remedy was to simply hem them. Well, simply for me, not for her!

Any way, I got in a nice visit with Jen and the kids and since it was Friday, I happened on happy hour as well. Then, as I was heading home, the car right in front of me turned out to be my hubby, so time to relax. And, that was pretty much that for my photo plans for Friday.

I know I will want to get the new plants in the ground soon as well as get that pool lounge into the pool - preferably with me in it - as well as a few other things but I am going to try hard to get through at least one or two more years of photos We shall see. Stay tuned.

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