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Saturday, May 10, 2014

"Spring, Spring, BUSY Spring"!!

Wow! I know I have posted before how crazy things are in my family during the spring months, but this year seems to be especially so. Not that I am complaining. I love every bit of it but I guess it will serve as my excuse for neglecting my blog for so long. We have so many spring birthdays, Mothers Day, end-of-the year activities, tea parties, award ceremonies and, this year, 3 graduations in our immediate family! So much fun but also, so much to think to give, schedules to make, clothes to wear, etc.??

In any case, I have found a few moments to work on the play ground this week. The new teeter totter is now up and, if I could just get the old slide unattached, the new one is ready to go. Hoping to get it done this weekend and you will be the first to see it - I promise!

We have had a busy week that included two Mother's Day celebrations for me - and the "real" day isn't even here yet!

On Wednesday, we headed to Gainesville to pick Morgan up from an IB study session at school. We headed to one of our favorites, BJs, where we met up with Hannah. The four of us had a lovely dinner together and the went on to Hannah's last G.S. ceremony. She has been in G.S. since she was in kindergarten as a Daisy and is now an ambassador. Four of the girls in the troop have been together that long so it was a bit of an emotional occasion.

The cake had a picture of their original Daisy troop oh so many years ago.

Hannah bridging into the world of "Lifetime G.S.".

The four original girls. They are all heading on to college and wonderful futures! They each spoke a bit about their hopes and dreams and they are all amazing young women with so much to give the world!

This is something they started doing years ago after each ceremony so it only seemed right to end the evening this way.

Papa enjoying the attention.

Hannah and Morgan - can't believe how grown up they are!?

We headed back to their house after the ceremony and were surprised with a lovely Mother's Day celebration. It is always nice to be told how "special" you are to your family but just being together is really all of the thanks that I truly ever need. I love it when they make time for me!

Then, yesterday, I was off for my second Mother's Day celebration. The day started at the pre-school where the classes were having a Mother's Day Tea. I took Presley as Jennie was at a similar event with Hudson at 8th Street Elementary. The morning started with entertainment...

Then we were feted with delicious muffins, fresh fruit and beverages. Since Jennie and I had plans for the rest of the day, we decided to make it a "girls day out" and I checked Presley out of school for the rest of the day.

Here she is just so excited to take all of the lovely hand made gifts home to Mom!

We decided to try one of our favorite places for lunch and knew it was meant "to be" when a corner table right by the window (not to mention the very closest parking space) was just waiting for us. This restaurant is downtown and it is fun to sit by the windows and see so many people you know walking by! Their menu is different from so many other places so we can have something delicious every time we are there but not something we have had everywhere else we go.

Of course, a cupcake - that is also pink - isn't a bad reason for going either!

Just as we had finished lunch, Jen got a message from a client. When she heard where we were, she asked if she could join us. We weren't quite ready for the day to end, so we moved 2 doors down to Corkscrew. It is a wonderful wine bar where you can actually mix and bottle your own wines and beers. They have a tasting room that makes you feel as if you have traveled to a lovely vineyard. And of course, what princess doesn't need her own throne? We really had a lovely afternoon and, again, no better way to celebrate Mother's Day than spending time with those who made you a mother!

I will be enjoying the pampering the rest of the weekend and then I will come back to reality on Monday. So much to get caught up on - stay tuned.

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