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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Colors of the Day

I love having company. I love planning things and making lists and decorating, etc. But, as I get older and schedules become more complicated with so many people in our family, I am also learning to embrace throwing things together on the fly.

That is kind of what happened with our Memorial Day celebration. No one's plans were concreted until the last minute, so I kind of just tossed out an open invite and sat back and waited to see how it would play out. I will admit it was a bit difficult trying to calculate the amount of food to buy and prepare but, worse case scenario, my husband and I would be eating leftovers for the next week. Best case scenario, we would eat everything in sight!

We really ended up having a beautiful day even though our trusty weatherman had predicted doom and gloom. I was able to pull out some 4th of July serving pieces, so our color scheme was there and with no real preconceived ideas, the day flowed along just perfectly. I didn't take as many pictures because I was just enjoying but we all got to sit and visit, enjoy the pool, have a fabulous bar-b-que and even fit in a bit of repair work on the floor of the treehouse in the play set as the afternoon breeze brought in much cooler temperatures. It was really hard to put an end to the day but the kids had school today so end we must.

This trifle that Jen made was delicious and was made with some of those yummy fresh blueberries that we picked the other day.

Is it just a coincidence that my hydrangeas bloom during the time that I need lots of blue flowers for holiday decor?

As much as I love my big drawn out events, I must admit the change to "simple" was lovely. Maybe we can do it again soon! One thing I did was to purposely cook up more corn on the cob than I knew we would eat because I am dying to try Ina Garten's recipe for "fresh corn salad" this week. But that will have to wait another day because we are on our way to Gainesville again to attend not one, but two award assemblies today! Stay tuned!

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