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Friday, May 16, 2014

"What Was I Thinking?"

When last I blogged I was going on and on about my day to "do nothing". If you remember, I did fess up that I probably couldn't really do nothing all day and I might start pulling some old photos for a birthday idea I have for Morgan.

Since I am pretty sure that Morgan does not read this blog, I can fill you in on my little secret. I don't know if it is because Hannah is getting ready to graduate, but everyone in our family has become a little more sentimental than usual. I think I mentioned how the girls mentioned memories of all sorts of silly little things they have done with us over the years. But, I know they don't remember it all as they were young when some of it started.

And, Morgan is always saying that she wishes we could still come and check her out of school and spend the day together like we used to do. We would still do that weekly but the Eastside IB administration would probably frown on that.

So, we decided that for a very special birthday treat, we would do just that one day next week when she was totally free and clear. Our plans are to take her for her favorite lunch spot - which I used to let her do fairly often as we would be eating dinner out as well before we headed to G.S. - which consists of first a trip to the Fresh Market where she would head to the candy-by-the-pound aisle and get a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I would head to the deli area and order up several kinds of salad. Then, we would go around the corner to her favorite bagel - yes, I said bagel - shop and place our order. Then, on we went to the perfect little spot out in the courtyard of this outdoor shopping center where we would find a table with an umbrella and sit and eat and share so many lovely "secrets".

She also remembers all of the silly things we used to do to while away the time we had to spend in the car or waiting for a class to begin or Hannah to be dismissed or whatever! And so, my brilliant idea struck! Why don't I go through my old photos to find pictures of all of those moments. Yes, I do have pictures of almost all of them. Remember, I admitted I was ADDICTED to scrap booking!

And so I began.

First, got to make sure I stay hydrated and I thought using a pretty glass would keep me in a good mood. This turned out to be just the first of 3 that afternoon! (Maybe I should have switched to wine - lol).

Then I started by pulling out the first few boxes. I began at my desk but when my neck started "complaining" about this work spot, I moved on to the floor propped against the trundle. It took NO time at all for the back to start complaining so I moved to my bedroom. I removed the "pretty" stuff, fluffed my pillows and hunkered down.

I began by just pulling Morg's pictures. After I got through all of these boxes, I realized that I really should be separating all of the kids' pictures at once. Yes, it is OVERWHELMING!!! But, I am on a mission to organize and declutter! And so, I devised this very intricate system:

Since at this point only the 3 oldest "have been born", I made a pile for each. As I get further and further into the years, new names will be added. I am using the blue boxes for copies of the photos that I am keeping for my husband and myself and then I will present each grandchild with a box (more likely boxes!) of memories. I am hoping we will one day have time to sit down and look at each picture together. I am hoping it starts many, many more lovely conversations of times remembered with Nana and Papa.

I must say, as I look back through all of the pictures, it is spurring so many memories for me as well. I have been a part of so many special moments with these precious children. I cherish every one of them. Boy, time goes so fast. Maybe it is just that Hannah is graduating. Maybe it is just that the "baby" just graduated from VPK and will be heading to elementary school with her brothers. Maybe it is just that time goes too fast and nothing stays the same!

I am pretty sure that I will not get this chore completed by the time we head to "kidnap" Morgan, but we will certainly have more than enough pictures to get the memories rolling. I hope they will cherish them for their entire lives. I know I will! Stay tuned.

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