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Saturday, May 24, 2014

That Time of Year

Once again the blueberry farm was calling. We go to a wonderful farm in a small town near here. It is a gorgeous farm - very well maintained, clean, large and beautiful. There are rows upon rows of bushes with beautiful strips of green grass running between. The bushes are still so full that the berries literally just fall off into your hands. Since Presley is the only one out of school this early, it was a girls' day out.

They gave her a small bucket so she could fill it up and still carry it. And fill it she did! Then, she would dump it into ours and keep on picking!

After picking about 5-6 pounds each, we were off on our next adventure. I have been spending way too much of my time at my favorite nursery lately and obviously doing way too much talking about it as Jennie decided that we had to make a stop there so she could see for herself!

We actually spent more time than expected because, not only did we both end up buying things we weren't even looking for, but Presley was enjoying walking through their many paths - one which lead us to the chicken and rooster coop. It is a nursery set right in the middle of our city but so large and full of gardens, that you feel as if you are out in the country.

Of course, after all of that hard work, we were hungry so off we went to Mojos Grill. I have actually never been to this restaurant. It started off as a very small downtown "joint" that was very popular with the "chicken wings" crowd. One of their sauces is so hot that you actually have to sign a waiver to eat it! In any case, they are now in a very large restaurant with another branch in Belleview and another opening soon in Silver Springs. They have a huge menu with many vegetarian choices, so my daughter knew I would love it - and love it I did! We had a fabulous leisurely lunch and still made it home in time to meet some friends who were coming by.

What a wonderful day. And, to top it off, my hubby came home early and once the house was again quiet, we got to put our feet up, pour a glass (or 2 -it was Friday after all) of wine and just chill the rest of the evening.

We had no plans at all for this weekend. Figured everyone would be out and about and I don't like to travel on holiday weekends. Now it looks like some of the gang may actually be available on Monday. I think I will put together a quick bar-b-que and they can come and spend the day - and maybe help me with a few heavy duty chores while they are here - haha!

You will not believe my next post. My daughter came over to help me decide where to hang a newly acquired picture and as we were sitting and talking, her eyes just started darting around - obviously she had lost interest in my riveting conversation. Before I knew what was happening, she said, "what if we bring that in from the sun room?" and we were off and running. Three hours later - when she realized she had only minutes before school let out and she needed to get the boys, we had moved many, many things. It is always interesting working with her because things that I have always thought she merely "tolerated" in my house are actually things that she loves and didn't know why I hadn't featured them in more prominent places. It was fun and I think I am liking it. Stay tuned!

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