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Thursday, May 22, 2014

One More Happy Bithday... our sweet Morgan

So, the other day, we checked Morgan out of school - after making sure it was a day free of reviews or exams - and I wanted to sit her down on a shaded bench and present her with our card that contained a letter telling her about our ideas for the day.

Oh silly Nana! Take a picture on campus where some one may see us!!?! Heaven forbid.

So, I simply told her the day would begin with lunch anywhere she wanted but wherever we went had to hold a memory.

I knew exactly where we would end up because it was her absolute favorite place to go week after week after week! We headed straight to the Fresh Market where she headed straight to the candy-by-the pound aisle and bought her old favorites - berry jelly candies and yogurt covered pretzels. Then we were off around the corner to a little bagel shop where she ordered her usual - and almost always to-go - and we were off to find a nice table with an umbrella in the courtyard of Thornebrook.

It was a really beautiful day and we found the perfect spot!

And yes, her lunch consisted of a plain toasted bagel with cream cheese, her candies and cream soda. I think she learned to love that so much from my mom.

We gave her a letter outlining some of our ideas for the day and some old pictures of favorite memories we have to get the day rolling.

A lot of our days together had at least a visit to the mall. Since so many of those days she was still in a stroller, I always took along a sippy cup and a bag of Goldfish and seasonal marshmallows - and today was no exception! (That white thing in her cheeks is a mint)

And, many of those mall excursions ended in mini shopping sprees - of course in those days it was the Limited Too not Forever 21!

After a full and fun day, we headed back to the house where we had a delicious bar-b-que and then celebrated Morgan once more. In the old days, she loved the big cookie cakes but today she only let me buy her a double doozie cookie...but she did tolerate us singing yet one more time!

While out and about this week, I am starting to gather some red, white and blue for the 4th decor. And, my daughter came over to help me decide where to hang a picture and 3 hours later, many things are in new places. I am still working on the new look but I will share soon. Off tomorrow to pick blueberries also.Stay tuned.

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