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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Coming Soon... a blog near you. Yep, that's right. I am beginning to think about what comes next. You know nothing stays the same for very long in my house. And then, I happened upon this:

This is from the Martha Stewart line available at Macys. I am not a huge fan of Martha as everything about her had to be so perfect - and I am so not. But, that being said, I do love her holiday flair. I always watched her show, took ideas and simplified them - about 1000%. Her original ideas always had way too many "supplies", "ingredients", etc. for me. But, I have bought some of her items and they are always top notch. She does represent moderately priced quality.

And so, when I saw her 4th of July display (I admit to always trying to see what she has available for every holiday), I knew I had to at least have these bowls. They are a very nice quality melamine (is that an oxymoron? lol). They can be used for serving at a holiday meal and they have plastic snap-on lids for storage. And, they nest together. I actually loved all of her items and after I refresh my memory about what serving pieces I already own - very soon - I might be back for more. She has a great variety of plates. Since I know I have a set of china 4th of July dishes (yes, I do. I got them on a great sale so don't judge), I am good there. But, I always like to have an unbreakable set as well for the kids or hubs and me for quick lunches or snacks. If I don't already have some - and I truly can't remember - I will be all over her square plates in several patterns. Just hope I can still get them at 40% off and then my additional 15%.

And NO, I was not paid for this opinion - maybe I should be! I tell you, I see red, white and blue in my near future! Stay tuned. 

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