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Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Where There's a Will...Don't Ask!"

O.K. So when I left you I was feeling pretty defeated! I was really mad at myself because more often than not, I can "see" ahead on a project and anticipate what comes next. This one beat me and I was mad at myself - not so much because of the amount of money I wasted (although that was considerable) but more because of the time I wasted and because of all of the running back to all of the same stores to re-buy the same supplies I would now have to do!

I decided not to dwell on it and face the issue on a new day. Actually, we were having some pretty heavy rains or I probably would have headed straight out to get it all so I could get the ball rolling again.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, I got a brainstorm. Why not, at the very least, see if I can't cut through the glue and open one of the seams. I couldn't wait to get out there and try. I would have preferred to open the green side so that would be the largest of the 3 colors showing but, unfortunately, the yellow side is the one where the grommets were most bent and probably would be pulling out any minute - you remember....from me not leaving enough room for the PVC pipe...!!???! So, I carefully started to "saw" through the glue with a serrated steak knife. I must say, that is some pretty strong glue. I did finally manage to get the seam open but lost a bit of the tarp along the way.

 I had the extra length piece I cut off so I am attempting some patches but it is pretty plain that the holes will show. I was about to give in and go buy a new one when it dawned on me...why not finish this up and see if it will now fit. If so, I am going to cut a bunch more patches and put them on the outside of the tarp where they will really show - as if it is meant to be! I will put contrasting color patches on each area and then draw in "stitches" with a permanent marker. It might make it cute. So here is where we are right now. Good thing I haven't had time to read my magazines as they are perfect for some weight. Only time will tell. We shall see. Stay tuned.

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