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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Here We Go Again!

The call went out and decorator daughter did not fail. The doorbell rang and in came my daughter and youngest grandson. After a quick hello, Hud settled into a video game and Jen and I began the (what was formerly known as ) "simple" task of finding a home for the new mirror.

Believe it or not, Jen has me thinking along the "simple" lines with her these days. I am slowly but surely weeding out smaller items and groups of smaller items and going for just one statement piece - and that is what the new mirror is in my eyes - a statement!

I kind of wanted it in my living room. Since I had 4 mirrors in this room already - I told you I am drawn to mirrors - I knew one was going to have to leave. In fact, Jen tried to get me to get rid of more than one...not quite ready for that, but I am thinking about it.

We decided to take down the smallest mirror and the two wall pedestals on either side. She argued a good case for getting rid of that chair as well but finally agreed that even she sits in often when she comes, so even though the room looked a lot larger with it gone, function ruled over form this time!

Boy, this picture is a huge reminder of why I need to get this room painted - FAST!

I like the uncluttered look of this wall now but am still thinking I might return the wall pedestals - jury is still out on that one.

If you have a good memory, you will realize that this change precipitated the removal of my big, green PB lamp. I love that lamp. I wanted it so badly and spent way too much on it. Then, when I got it home, I really never loved it on the blanket chest but it is big and doesn't fit just anywhere. When Jen said it had to go I agreed but the thought of losing it all together made me sad. We walked around the house a few times and then "genius" struck!

O.K. Yikes! Look at that mess of wires! I need to get busy on that sooner rather than later - or just stop taking pictures of it!

This is where it belongs! I love the lamp here. Of course, that meant the removal of the multi-armed wall sconce and moving of the clock and flower holder - all only after Jen convinced me to move the old red cupboard down to the other end of the wall. I actually loved that move until I remembered that it is currently sitting where my Christmas tree usually resides. It also cuts off a bit of my view out to the pool when I am sitting in my chair. It will stay like this for a bit but I am reserving judgement. That cupboard is HEAVY because it is made from some kind of old, dense wood but we actually didn't have much trouble moving it once we slipped those glider things under it so maybe it will stay here until I need to move it in November. We shall see.

The pictures of Central Park that I bought on our trip were also displaced with the LR changes but have already found a new home:

And, the rusty garden shelf from the family room has moved to the dining room. It kind of anchors our vineyard sign - which now looks really crooked to me - in its new home.

I know the high chair doesn't exactly go there but it is the last hold out of babies in our house and even though Presley won't sit in it any more even as a booster without the tray, I am having a hard time giving it away - all in due time.

Of course, I am left over with this. If you look carefully you can see stuff still left over from our last redecorating foray. This room will soon become a storage area instead of a guest room if I don't get moving. Too bad I dislike doing garage sales so much. Think of all of the money I could make to go but more stuff - haha. Stay tuned. 

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