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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Still Thinking

I showed you the vintage green Mason jars that I bought and have used in so many ways. No problem with green as it is my favorite color as well as the fact that it can stay out through many of my holiday and seasonal transformations.

But, since I am not the biggest blue fan, I'm not sure why I just had to have these!!?!

Maybe just the fact that they are blue and I knew I would do something with them for 4th of July. As we blog, I have yet to show you my kitchen or you would see what I have done with them so far...NOTHING. Well, that isn't exactly true as I have taken them out of their cardboard carton and put them around the counter tops. There are tons of ideas floating around Pinterest so I am hoping to getting going on them this next week - in between all of the things I want to do to get the yard, driveway, pool deck and windows - not to mention the inside of the house - ready for some company coming next weekend. I think I am leaning toward making them "faux" mercury glass - but then they will still just be jars sitting around the counter - albeit pretty jars - unless I come up with something else. Got any ideas? Stay tuned. 

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