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Friday, June 13, 2014

"Changes are A'comin"

We finally got through all of the end-of-school activities and I had some time to begin thinking about my 4th of July decor. Once again, I had to do a bit of change up as some of my old "merchandising" pieces are no longer here! I spent several days walking around holding out decorations and wondering where in the world they would end up. I must admit that not everything made the cut but I found homes for most everything. Let's start in the living room - I think that room probably has the least changes but if you look closely, you might catch a few!

I still like this banner hanging over the mirror. I made it a number of years ago by decoupaging vintage postcards on thin wood plaques and wrapping a flag download around dowels to make the fire crackers. Of course, everything the got glittered before I strung them. The large glittered vintage star that the girls and I made is now in the scale.

I am still using the "Pledge of Allegiance" picture that I made by simply using a thin Sharpie and hand writing the verse on the white stripes of an American flag and then tea staining and framing. The Statue of Liberty picture that I downloaded and framed is now on this table as well. I love that it is mostly sepia and red and blue so that it goes well with my vintage decor.

One of my all-time favorite projects - and thank goodness I love it so much because it took FOREVER!! - is the Liberty banner. I've told the story before about how I saw this Bethany Lowe creation in a catalogue and it was super expensive so I decided to make a similar one myself. The actual dimensions didn't matter to me because I wasn't purchasing it. Fast forward some time and I was in my favorite shop in Micanopy. They carry a lot of Bethany Lowe and imagine my surprise when I stopped to look at a 4th of July feather tree and saw that this banner was actually a miniature. As much as I love Bethany Lowe, I love my banner so much more.

The little flag picture was something I found on Pinterest and simply downloaded, put together and framed.

This is a "chalkboard" sign that I downloaded and printed. Note to self - just realized that it would look a lot more "chalkboardy" if I took off the glass and it wasn't shiny!

There is that Kraft paper flag that daughter #1 made me many years ago - still going strong!

Thia arrangement got a bit of a makeover since I have added the lamp to the chest but I think it worked out O.K.

I have some plans for this space but, since I haven't found any spare time of late, I ran out to Kohls and found several of the rectangular flag pillows to go with the PB pillows from last year. With the sale and additional % off, they were even cheaper than making my own and they will serve the purpose until I can find some quiet time for a big project.


Just realized by looking at this picture that I forgot to swap out the green candles for red in the candelabra over the iron bench - need to get on that! Otherwise, I am liking the living room. I am using a lot of the no-flame candles in this room so it gives off a pretty glow all by itself when it gets dark. I can't believe I like these candles so much. I am pretty much a "purist" on all things - and I still have tons of "real" candles lit most of the day - but the battery candles let you have a flicker in places that are either too difficult to get to every evening or too dangerous to have an open flame and I am getting used to, I just need to buy stock in EverReady or Duracell!

So much more to come. Stay tuned.

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